Is ITI worth pursuing after 10+2?

Is ITI worth pursuing after 10+2?

I’ve heard it being said that ITI is only worth it for 8th and 10th graduates. I’m about to graduate 12th. Is it worth it for me to pursue welding in an ITI college or should I go for a polytechnic?

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  2. If you do have options to get into Diploma or Engineering then yes ITI is good option. There will lots of placements through the state employment department.

  3. It depends… India is notorious for paying low wages for skilled trades. If you are planning to stay in India for future by just doing a skilled trade job I think life will be hard. But who knows situation might get better in India Another option is to go to US or Canada after you get enough experience in your field you have studied. You can go for diploma like Tool and die making, Automation, , millwright or electrician. These jobs are now in high demand in North America. If you really want to stay in India I suggest to open a business after you work for few years to gain enough expertise. I live in Canada now..most of big manufacturing companies in our area like Linamar , Magna , ATS Automation , Eclipse automation are all founded by skilled trade people. Linamar and Magna are founded by machinist and the other two companies are founded by tool and die makers. These companies are now multi billion dollar companies. The company where I work now is founded by some millwrights 10 years ago and there revenue for last year was 94 million Canadian dollars. You can do the same in India.First gain lot of experience to become master in your field and then start a company.

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