Is Kangana Finished?

Is Kangana Finished?

In 2015, Kangana starred in her last commercially successful film “Tanu Weds Manu Returns”. She appeared on Aap Ki Adalat the same year and called herself a superstar. Then after the disastrous interview, these are the results of her films post Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

Her next film, “Emergency”, in which she will be playing Indira Gandhi will come out in 2024. Is officially finished at this point, or do you think there is any hope for her?

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  1. I was writing a long comment and unfortunately Reddit got updated and I lost it.

    Kangana felt like she could earn an inbuilt audience by backing a certain political party.

    She portrayed herself as a person of strong morality and authentic values and the rest of Bollywood as some kind of fake place, which is true to some extent.

    But she overdid it and now is paying the price.

    A lot of people hate her because she acts like an eccentric and egotistical person. Her political and personal ideology seems to have influenced her choice of scripts.

    If she wants to succeed again, she should clean up her act. Become humble again and pick scripts that promote national integration instead of just blatantly trying to appeal to people of a certain political ideology because she assumes they will give huge numbers to her films at the box office.

  2. Pretty much. Two fluke hits made people believe that she’s a superstar. When Sunil Shetty’s son’s debut movie opens to more than 2x your big budget film, you know where you stand. She deserves this for being so vicious and abusive to so many people. Love it when such people are shown their place by the audience.

  3. Yeah, she has reached that point where the producers will have a very little faith in her. She was always the best crowd puller, and her performance also not being upto the mark, makes it a bit difficult to put money.

  4. I’m beginning to think that queen and tanu manu would have been great even with another competent actor. Like I’m wondering did the movies do well because they were good movies or because of kanganas acting

  5. this is completely irrelevant & sorry if this doesn’t belong here but
    it really hurts to see this as a budding film-maker.
    I work my ass off writing scripts, screenplays, character sketch. everything with the finest details possible.
    and when everything is done, it’s time to get some money to produce, the producers reject it saying the audiences’ taste is different, this will fail.
    does the audience want Kangana? I fail to understand how these scripts, these nonsensical stories get funded so easy?
    Kangana def made herself a huge star, did great films, made money for the producers, but it’s been years?
    the kind of privilege these people earn by fooling the producers is insane.
    I starve for 1% budget of what these films have & here I am. still struggling to get the film on just one screen while these people flush crores down the drain with their stupid ideas.

  6. Kangana is a good actress but like Icarus, she flew too close to the sun with her ego. Bad mouthing so many prominent Bollywood figures, even if in her mind it was for the greater good, certainly did damage. She was just so vitriolic, but I think one of the worst things she did was make fun of Deepika Padukone’s depression, it’s a despicable thing to weaponize somebody’s mental health struggles. Judging by her snark lace tweet about Deepika presenting at the Academy Awards, Kangana is clearly still jealous of her.

    I discussed Kangana quite a bit when I covered the SSR case on my YouTube channel, and I thought her trying to capitalize on a tragedy for her own ulterior motives is pretty vile, I hope his sisters now see her for what she is.

    As for why her films are flopping, there are quite a few factors to play such as lack of promotion or good stories, but I think she did the damage herself by being a horrible person. If she can finally get off her high horse and take her foot out of her mouth, she could salvage what’s left of her career.

  7. The problem isn’t that she’s a bad actor or that she isn’t choosing good scripts. She has made her whole personality about bashing bollywood. While in the beginning it was fun for all of us now it’s getting tiring. She’s also burned a lot of bridges in Bollywood in the process. She may not be finished but I don’t think she’ll recover from this soon

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