Is SRK overrated???

Is SRK overrated???

Let the downvotes in but I still wanna talk about this!!

Before saying anything I like SRK as an actor.. I have seen his movies and he is a great actor. And in the newer films too (jawan and pathaan had shitty stories imo).. BUTTTT!! Is his performance ACTUALLY Thaaat good for the hype?? Like he’s very famous here and especially abroad! Everyone who knows India and knows a lil bit about India knows SRK and act like he’s the best actor in India.. But I just feel there are a LOT better actors than him. I just don’t understand the hype. And IMHO the malayalam actor Mohanlal is a worthy opponent for SRK.. And I mean there are others too but I wanted to mention him because I believe he is the worthy KING of Indian cinema or as the South calls him, The complete Actor. Like his whole filmography is SO Versatile.
Mohanlal has more diverse roles in 1986 than SRK in his whole career. Like SRK can never act a thanmathra or an aaram thampuran or smthn like that. SRK has more of a romance/drama movies but now he’s starting to do action too in which he does good too.. But With all due respect… SRK could never become an actor as great as Mohanlal..

Again I don’t hate him or anything but I feel like he’s just sooo overrated. There are a lot of ppl who are better but they go unnoticed.


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  1. Im not saying srk is the best actor but he’s got chops. Look at his acting in My Name Is Khan, Fan, Chak De India or Swades, or even playing an innocent guy in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or being a psycho in Darr or showing his charisma and swag in Don, Jawan etc. He can pull of different characters.

  2. I think his off screen persona lends a lot of goodwill to him as an actor. I don’t think he is the best or the most nuanced actor out there. Like for eg Amitabh Bachchan was and is a phenomenal actor. I wouldn’t call or rate srk as phenomenal, but he is very watchable and barring his films in the recent years, has been a consistent performer so I like him. I don’t think he is overrated though, cuz I think when people say they like him, it’s the entire persona that they talk about and love not just him in a film.

  3. SRK is not overrated imho but his current movies are overhyped. They are the perfect combo for consumption by the masses, pan India.

    If you really want to see what made srk the legend he is now, it is his earlier movies. Starting from the very beginning.

    Kabhi Haa Kabhi Na. Dil Se. Darr. Baazigar. Chak De. Dil To Pagal Hai. Mohabetein.

    He wasn’t afraid to play the villian.

    The craze for Darr in pre-internet India was unheard of. My mom’s office back then was next to my native city’s biggest theatre (in the same compound). Ticket lines used to circle blocks and land up at the office footsteps, for months.

    I was a kid back then, but it was surreal.

  4. SRK is perfectly rated and extremely loved. He has done in all genres, portraying each persona perfectly, be it mark Donald from Don or lover boy Raj or a frustrated Rahul in Chennai express. He nails all the emotions and lives the character.
    And the versatility of this guy🤌. Blud has played all types of characters, roles ranging from Rahul Mehra to Mohan Bhargav to Dr. Jehangir Khan. He has this ability to cover up for his bad performance with his persona, for example happy new year and dilwale. Let me be blunt but many respected Hollywood stars like Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy don’t have such a diversified resume, they just work in either drama or romance.

  5. It’s true, SRK is an overrated actor. I never liked his acting and it surprises me how he became the king of bollywood. None of his films from the 90s have aged well and these movies were his peak. Although he isn’t a bad actor, his acting in My name is Khan was 🤌.

    But again , to each their own and if people like him as an actor then I won’t judge them.

  6. Watch his 90s movies (is that you call acting?) that cements the fact that the dude is overhyped. Being a superstar and a good actor with great script choices/movies are two different things.

    By the way, look at his filmography. Before Pathan his last 6-7 movies were duds. He is riding high these days sure but his choice of movies were always questionable.

  7. He is a very good actor. But personally, I have seen it in very few movies. But maybe my tastes are different than others. I love him in Swades, baazigar, anjaam, Darr and comedy ones like Chennai Express, om Shanti om and Baadshah. I hate his romantic movies which are what got him fame. Rest of the movies he just phones it in – happy new year, dilwale, and probably all his recent movies including Pathaan and Jawan. There are a few scenes where he actually acts but those are few and far between.

    I feel sad as I feel he is a great actor but does what caters to the public (which is fair).

  8. I’m a huge Shahrukh fan but I can admit when he’s not in top form. I’m not a blind stan. He’s definitely in top form in Jawan. Prior, he was slipping a bit. I’m glad to see him strong again as an actor. Want to see Akshay get out of his rut and perform well again too. Been noticing that that the top stars have been slipping a bit. They aren’t ready for the character roles yet… But that day will come! They need to embrace it like Anil, Rishi (RIP), Sanju, etc. It is what it is. I want to see SRK and Ranveer play father and son in a movie some day!!!

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