Is there any credible person / party that you can vote for ?

Is there any credible person / party that you can vote for ?

As a citizen it hurts me to see the hate polotics that’s been going on ever since NDA Govt came into power. Even the mass media and journalism has become absolute shit.
NDTV was the only unbiased news channel before it got acquired by Adani and now we don’t have any.
Congress looted our nation with so many scams but I don’t think BJP did any better anywhere on any metric. BJP is only reliant upon their religion based division tactics. Only thing that I can applaud the BJP is for their stance against Pak Sponsored terrorism. There’s no bullshitting there atleast as compared to our stance in case of the UPA Government.
When it came to stance against Pak Sponsored Terrorism, the UPA government was weak af.

Now in this NDA government, we don’t have Freedom of speech anymore. Unemployment isn’t going away. And the UPA Govt has completely turned blind towards hardships of the poor. They impose their will without considering its ramifications on the poor (Demonetization, Abrupt curfew during corona that led to mass migration of the poor).

I’m concerned about who to vote for in next elections.
BJP didn’t do any significant good anywhere really but congress doesn’t have any good leaders either.

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  1. Use your best brain. Collect data on the internet. Do research. Read their manifestos. Choose the least evil. If you are stuck between two parties, bring other parties in option. Also, consider your local constituency.

  2. Stop visioning political parties as a monolithic structures, congress in ur local panchayat maybe doing a good job when u compare them to ur district or state level, don’t vote for known rapists , fake babas or goondas , political parties are nothing but an extension of our society , watch them closely , find out what lies they try to tell , what policies they implement , how they are protecting their bad seeds , most of all stay away from parties that talk about war and glory , stick to parties that talks about peace and stability …

  3. I thought a lot about it and right now I’m on the BJP’s side.

    I’m waiting for INC 2024 Manifesto and it has the power to swing my vote. But rn, I’m not even sure if this alliance will survive the elections, so I’m waiting.

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