Jab Rab Ne Banadi Jodi is not a wholesome movie at all.

Jab Rab Ne Banadi Jodi is not a wholesome movie at all.

I have gone through the couple of posts discussing that movie in this very subreddit, everyone is full of praise for it, and the only criticism is about how could Taani not recognize her spouse in disguise.

I shall state my issues below,

First of all let me preface by saying that I do not hold the aforementioned most popular criticism of the movie, a suspension of disbelief and Suri being able to pull it off is an in-universe phenomena that is instrumental for the plot to even function.

Let me say by how flirtatious Raj ever since his very first appearance or antics was not even once shut down by Taani citing her marriagehood, she does not until she was met with a to-the-face proposal, this is a clear case of withholding information, an omission by choice, she probably played dumb.

It was too late when she mentioned Raj to Suri, but never did she even attempt to mention her very pivotal role of being a wife.

Now, it was only plot convenience that Taani started seeing “Rub” in Suri, there was no gradual on-set of feelings for him, she was divinely inspired huh? Remember that prior to this she outrigth walked out of the theatre ditching Suri alone to meet Raj in the gaRAJ.

Next of all, the very reason Taani at the end developed at least the very bit of love or respect for Suri she could was only because Suri’s attempt to display his macho. Now why did Suri display his macho? because his barber-buddy mentioned that it was only fair that Suri make an equal effort to display the love for her to choose, or it was clearly one-sided Raj supremacy domination.

Now, it was only because Raj and Suri, both being the same person – a sense of awareness of both could he gauge and match the efforts from both the sides.
Had the character of “Raj” been an outsider fuckboy, our homeboy Suri would never know what it’d take to win her love, he literally had to compete with himself, if he weren’t Raj himself, he wouldn’t have known there was a competition for her in line.

A love-swept Taani would’ve chosen that fuckboy over this Suri that is oblivious to everything, had Raj been an external agent this is what the tragedy that would’ve taken place.

In todays so called “Gen Z” Incel language I try to put it best as: A beta male had to pose as an alpha to win his unloving wife over and then switch and swap that love over to himself in the original form, thank Rub Alpha wasn’t an outsider, and notice all the tremendous effort both Raj and Suri had to give out, while the only thing Taani had under to leverage was her loyalty (which is contestably debatable).

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