Limits on bringing chocolates and clothes to India

Limits on bringing chocolates and clothes to India

I am traveling to India from Germany (I am Indian) after some 2+ years. Is there a limit to how much chocolates I can take to India, Duty wise? Also the same question for clothes. And should I remove all tags from them? Or is it okay to leave them on?

Also, my flight lands in Delhi and then I have to take a domestic flight further. I have 7 hours of waiting time there. Is it okay if I go out of the airport once I have checked in my luggage for the domestic flight? because I will have 2 liters of duty free alcohol. Will I be allowed to take this alcohol back through the security check or will I be asked to throw it away?

Edit: note that the chocolate and clothes will be in the check in luggage. Only alcohol will be bought from the duty free section of the Frankfurt airport.

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  2. There is no limit on the amount of chocolates and clothes specifically. However, the total value of the items you bring (excluding one phone, laptop and other used personal effects) should not be more than 50,000.
    They usually don’t care about the prices of clothes etc. even if you have the price tags on. They will concentrate more on electronics and jewellery.

    No, you won’t be allowed to carry the alcohol in your cabin baggage on the domestic connection. Once you clear customs, you need to transfer the alcohol into your check-in bags. This is irrespective of whether you go out of the airport or not (because you need to clear domestic security regardless).

    One note about chocolates. Chocolates brought abroad tend to melt really easily in Indian weather (local chocolates have additives to prevent that). As long as they go from the plane cargo hold to the airport to an A/c car to your fridge, they will be fine. But a lot of time in between these steps (during ground handling for example) may cause problems. If they are really expensive chocolates, I suggest using cold packs (wrap the cold packs in some cloth and place them near the chocolates).

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