List of Hindi YouTube Channels for Indian parents

List of Hindi YouTube Channels for Indian parents

**I want to subscribe in my parents’ phones channels that are factual, informational & 100X better than WhatsApp forwards.**

One of the key problems I notice is adults getting brainwashed because they don’t have better info & n pone to easily provide it. The more they come across better content, the more likely they are not to be only confined in their misinformation echo chamber.

I don’t want to limit it only to politics but life all around.

Let’s build a good list, share knowledge & less propaganda. What are your top suggestions for some channels like these?

Mine are:

* [आसान शब्दों में — Kurzgesagt](
* [Dhruv Rathee]( (might be a little left but there’s factual info for sure)
* [UNFILTERED by Samdish](

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