Men who wear only underwear at home, what do you feel about the women in your house seeing you?

Men who wear only underwear at home, what do you feel about the women in your house seeing you?

I’ve been curious about this since a long time, when I was in school (11-12th class) some of my friends used to wear only underwear or undewear and banyan at home and their family acts like its no big deal.
The only time I’m wearing just underwear is either when I’m going to or coming back from shower. And then too, I move fast and avoid everyone, never been comfortable enough to just walk around in my underwear.
I was always curious about what these guys think about their family women seeing then in underwear or what the women think of seeing their sons or brothers in underwear. Mainly because in mens underwear, the outline of your thing is clearly visible.
Today at work me and a colleague were talking and we were talking about relaxing after work. He said that the moment he reaches home he removes his clothes and then relaxes wearing just underwear. this made me curious as the guy lives with his parents, wife and sister.
So my question is what guys think about women in their family seeing then in underwear.
And what do women think of seeing their sons or brothers in underwear.

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  1. Aiyiyi. This triggered a repressed memory. I once went to a neighbors house when I was a teenager. When they opened the door their dad was standing there in his briefs. I cannot communicate the horror I felt. He seemed completely comfortable. Eventually when his daughter turned around and glared at him he picked a tiny hand towel and tucked the 2 ends of it into his chaddis.

    I went back home and our family died laughing when I told them. I took to asking “uncle ghar pe to nahi hai na?” Before entering their house from then on.

    People please don’t traumatize unsuspecting neighbors like this.

  2. My elder brothers and papa are also like that but i always hated being in underwear infront of Mother & Sister but they… they’re like kids specially brothers they stay in even torned ones from lower side and keep wearing them infront of everyone and let their ingrown area lil bit visible which is literally too much for me that I have even cuss them for being like this but they don’t fuckin care

  3. Apparently it is ingrained in the earlier generation’s mind that it is the women’s duty to cover up, men can roam around as they like. I’ve seen many men of older age being completely comfortable wearing just briefs, as if this is how it is supposed to be. My dad did this even in relatives’ house, until one of them cautioned him on call that we have a daughter in law now, so please do not display the family jewels and at least carry shorts and tshirts.

  4. I did notice that very recently in my in-laws house that left me terrified and I was wondering how common it is in India. Why would a grown ass man wear underwear in front of his family. Wife, fine understandable, but nothing after that, not in front of parents, kids and NOT sisters or any other female members in the house.

    I am a guy and yes I change into a pajama and a t shirt when family is around and maybe a vest but underwear, never.

  5. As a woman I don’t want that around. My dad was always walking around the house like that and NO. It’s only acceptable if the boxers are very wide and non revealing or if it’s my boyfriend. So I’m 100% with you. Relatives, especially of opposite sex in revealing underwear is a big no.

    edit: i just replied without noticing this is the india sub. im european sorry

  6. Wait are you talking about boxers? I wear underwear (boxer briefs) and obviously never roam around in the house just wearing those. Unless this is a new fad I am not aware of?

  7. Growing up, my dad always wore full pajamas and shirts while relaxing, so that’s not something I’m used to seeing.
    However, I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago, and relaxing in our undies is a ritual we do after work. It’s amazing. It’s freeing. It’s so wonderful.

  8. I do this only when I am alone or with my wife. Never in front of anyone else. I usually wear boxers or shorts with banyan if its too hot, if not always a t shirt on top.

    Never have been with just underwear except for few mins before/after bath when I scramble for towel or clothes.

  9. Used to simply walk around naked in the house when it was just me. My then-girlfriend now-wife kinda enjoyed it.

    But these days with kids etc. it’s not really a thing. I do miss not having to wear clothes.

  10. I just cannot relate to this being a problem at all. My entire family walks around In their underwear. The women also wear a shirt. Big pants are for guests and going outside

  11. Honestly your home should be a space where you can do whatever you want to after a long hard day. My dad used to wear only underwear with vest (Now he doesn’t, stopped somewhere after 55 age) & I have always seen him that way ever since I was a child. So it was never ‘vulgar’ to me. It only becomes vulgar if you suddenly see something like that out of the blue. So no, me, my brother & my mom we were all cool with our dad being like that at home. He’s a doctor too so we’ve always talked about all ‘taboo’ topics very openly. He used to buy me pads, check on my health during periods, also sometimes joke about ‘non veg’ topics at home in good humour. I tasted beer for the first time from my dad’s can as he was chilling with it one day (although I didn’t like the taste & spat it right away!). I loved my household. There was never an inch of awkwardness between any of us & we could talk about anything to each other while still having the same respect.

    Now I am married into a Marwari family & it’s a death penalty level crime there if I even wear a shorts or start a sentence without ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ 😂.

  12. Wife also get uncomfortable seeing her husband in his underwear? that’s new.

    I’m married and my parents live else where because of business, and I live in Chandigarh because of my job and only wear underwear and west at home and my wife never said she’s feeling uncomfortable seeing me in underwear but sometimes I do get compliments.

    In front of Maa I never wear underwear with Papa ji it’s different story, with my Papa ji I’m very comfortable in underwear and we go to our khet and do everything in underwear and baniyan.

    Note: If you are wondering about my age I’m 40.

  13. Men’s bodies are not objects of sexual desire to the male gaze- which is the only gaze that matters to men. therefore they just are allowed to exist and “be”. Rather their bodies are things to be “proud” of in society. Starts off when families purposely parade their sons naked so ppl can see he is a boy and has a penis. There is no shame involved society wise in a male body. Nothing to “hide” or “protect”, “keep covered to protect the families pride”. Men’s bodies do not attract violence for just existing from other men. It’s the same reason they can walk around shirtless and women can’t.

  14. That’s such a shameful thing. One of my cousins came to my house for a few days and he was roaming around in his underwear. He was an adult. He’s my second cousin. No other males in my first family do such things.

  15. I had someone during my college days who used to only wear briefs when he was in his room. Mind you, he had roommates. He is now a helicopter pilot in the Indian Army.

  16. Its his choice 🙂

    joking I wear boxers and t shirt in generally at home but in my private room I become more comfortable where I can wear what makes my body more comfortable

  17. Ever been to a beach in Goa? Or any waterfall/lake/river? So many Indian men are in their torn cheddies. It’s not just at home unfortunately.. these men will strip down anywhere and will absolutely refuse to buy swimming gear. I once saw a guy try to defend his yfronts at a 5* hotel pool

  18. My family had no problem with underwear or nudity at home. Males and females. We’re American though, not Indian. My parent’s generation was totally different. My mother never even saw her father’s legs until after college when she was home on a trip.

  19. My dad did that. I never liked it. He will dictate what I should wear but roamed freely in his boxers at home. Apparently my brothers didn’t like it either. Now that we are all grown up my brother asked my dad to wear shorts at home and then he stopped wearing those boxers at home.

  20. I’m one of the guys you’re referring to. I usually wear briefs/underwear that isn’t tight but is slightly revealing + a tshirt. I usually spend my whole day like this. The weather where I live is extreme, so my preference at home is to be as comfortable as possible while being considerate of other members of the home. I personally would spend most of my time isolated in my room so it didn’t really matter but if anyone in the home objected, I would wear shorts or something. As far as my family members (nuclear) go, we’re quite open and stuff like this is not a problem but around outsiders I’d obviously wear something more than an undergarment. I do understand that sometimes people don’t communicate even if they’re not okay and so I do cover myself if there’s even a hint of them being uncomfortable.
    Have a good day y’all ✌️

  21. My dad always always wears barmuda shorts. Sometimes when he comes out of the bathroom, a baniyan and burmuda, but immediately puts on a cotton T-shirt.
    I didn’t even know people wear just underwear at home…whatever kind it may be. Also torn underwear?????? That’s just extremely discomforting.

    Men reading this sub, please don’t wear torn underwear if you really want to wear underwear! Imagine your sisters, mothers roaming around in torn underclothes!!! A big no!!!!

  22. Lol 😂 srsly DTS a big issue … Our neighbours who wer a family of 5 men n 3 bahu … Dey shamelessly wear nly short boxers at home widout baniyan … N bahu ko bolte hai to take ghoonghat … Sumtyms even if u go suddenly u will feel ashamed n run back towards d door bt dey jus keep lieing over der shamelessly specially d fil … Wierd feels …

  23. >the moment he reaches home he removes his clothes and then relaxes wearing just underwear

    I laughed my guts out just visualising this. Who are these people?

  24. I wear boxers, it’s a an extremely hot and humid country. I could care less who sees.
    Neighbourhood aunties with their rapey stares are a different story though.

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