Met PM behind closed doors

Met PM behind closed doors

I was looking through my photos and saw some pics from old times of my previous places of employment. It made me think about my meeting with Modi behind closed doors some years ago. I was working at a government institute in a junior position. The PM was visiting the institute. I, along with other senior people, got to meet him behind closed doors. We introduced ourselves in Hindi. He prefers that. Everyone in our institute bent over backwards for him. For example, you had to introduce yourself in Hindi as he preferred it. During the meeting, he asked us what position we were in and our responsibilities. Some observations:

1. He does not talk much in private. He just listened to us mostly in that meeting room. I think other politicians have also noted in their interviews how the PM does not speak a lot in private but rather listens mostly. I think Kejriwal pointed this out in one of his interviews. This makes him hard to gauge.
2. However, when he was speaking to all staff, his speech at the institute went over the allocated time. 1 hr stretched to around 2 hours. I skipped the speech and went home as I knew this crap would happen.
3. He changes clothes a lot. Like 4 times a day. Constant changing of clothes for each photo session.
4. Everything is curated. His walking path, camera angle, and media presence. EVERYTHING is curated. When the news of his visit was published the next day, the media made it out to be such a grand event, whereas it was kind of just a visit to an institute.
5. I’m not sure if this is relevant, but his eyes are scary. They are ruthless. Like those eyes have seen things, and he has done things which not everyone can. I remember looking at him and wondering – “Now I know why he is the PM”.


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