MF investment advice/help

MF investment advice/help

I am really new to the investment scene. I want to invest in index funds. But I get anxious when i see so many options in index funds. How do you select one ?

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  1. It all depends on your risk appetite.

    If you wanna take less risk ..go for NIFTY 50 passive direct funds..(if time horizon is 5-10 years)

    If you wanna take slight more risk..then go for flexi cap.. parag Parikh flexi cap is good one.

    If you wanna take high risk (also it’ll give high returns) over course of 5-10 yrs then go for smallcap/midcap fund.
    SBI small cap is a good one imo.

    I suggest you do SIP in whichever fund you select and keep your time horizon atleast 3-5 years… atleast!!
    Do not stop SIP at any cost.
    Invest lumpsum whenever Market crashes like covid crash or 2022 bear market. It’ll maximize your returns.

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