My life has gone downhill since passing 12th in 2021. I don’t what to do in my life.

My life has gone downhill since passing 12th in 2021. I don’t what to do in my life.

My life has gone downhill since passing 12th in 2021. I don’t what to do in my life.

My qualifications are 89 in 10th and 93 in 12th.
I chose commerce group in 11th Std because I wanted to be different from my friends who chose Science group.

Fast forward to 12th when the lockdown started, my school had no staff for Accountancy which led me to study on my own. I was underprepared for board exam, luckily the exam got cancelled due to COVID second wave in 2021.

Then, I was persuaded by my Father to pursue Chartered Accountancy fulltime without enrolling into a college for a degree. I attended online classes and honestly I couldn’t keep up with the concepts and found it very stressful. I was feeling lonely all the time because I was trapped in home the whole day. Exams came, I flunked in 3 subjects in Dec 2021. My parents told me to attempt it second time in June 2022, again I flunked in 2 subjects.

I was feeling the lowest at that time, I broke down and felt sad all the time. This led me to enroll into a university(Bcom Honours-Banking, Financial Services and Insurance). I couldn’t get admitted into any local colleges and I don’t know why. Due to this, I’ve to travel an hour to get to the University which is located in another district.

The class timingin my University is ridiculous, i.e, from 8:45 to 5:15 and I have 6 or 7 papers in each semester. After joining college, my dad once again enrolled me into another Professional course, Company Secretary, where I passed CSEET, the entrance level exam. The next level is called the Executive where the exams clashed with my Semester exams, and honestly I was not able to give sufficient time for CS due to the ridiculous class timings in my University.

Now, it’s September 2023, I turned 20 a month ago. I’m so sad and confused about my future. I feel dejected and demotivated. I’ve lost interest in everything, I just feel like sitting idle and doing nothing all the time. I genuinely hate going to the college and I feel like I’m wasting my time.

The only hope for me is to pass some Indian professional course because I lack money and resources to pursue any other “expensive” course that’s there. What do I do now? What do I do after graduation? Can I jump to any other career path?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I don’t have any useful advice but I just want to say that choosing a stream just to be different is just as bad as choosing a stream because everyone else is choosing it.

    Edit: okay I can add that CA exams are really hard. There’s no shame in repeating and reattwmpting those exams, almost everyone does it. If you have any interest in the subject matter, that seems like the way to go for me personally.

  2. First – do not get worried!

    in today’s situation you dont need to stick to academic path to get settled in career. I have seen many folks who couldn’t do well in studies are having a better life than best students in their class.

    I will suggest you to pick something you like and passionate about that has scope of making money – for example some unique skill like building websites, teaching guitar, coaching in sports.

    invest time to be the best in that – then offer free classes for people to judge your skills. Once people think you have a great skill then start to monetize it.

    You will be ahead of many people my friends. Good luck!

  3. Hey OP don’t get demotivated. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago with multiple attempts in CA and no degree when I was 21. I switched to IT because I was genuinely interested in it. You can try out different things, give some time to yourself and learn new skills and get a job.

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