Need Second Look At My Money losing Stocks

Need Second Look At My Money losing Stocks

Hello All,

This is the first time i am posting in this community. I have been following this sub for months. I am reaching out to you all to have a second look at my loss making stocks.

These are the stocks in RED in my portfolio. I am a medium to long term investor and I can hold to these stocks for next 5 to 10 yrs probably if they have the capability to perform well. I wanted to sell right away but wanted to ask your thoughts as well.

1. Heranba – I have been invested for a year now. They have been doing good until recently because of slow down in Chinese economy (this is what they said in conference call) and they showed loss at the recent quarter.

2. Wipro – Don’t know why I bought this. Probably because of the new CEO. But they are not doing good recently. And I am hoping they will give a bonus in a year or two. (I know bonus won’t make a difference in terms of value)

3. Orient electric – Holding this for more than 1.5 yrs. I felt they are good in tech. And they are also part of CK birla group. But numbers don’t look good. Also some shops in my hometown doesn’t like OE fans. They always recommend to buy other brand fans.

4. Matrimony – Got it before 1.5 yrs. They were kind of doing good until came into picture and their Srilanka expansion plan is dropped because of lanka’s economic issues. I bought it because the company is a tech company and they were kind of doing okayish for the last few years. I thought they will grow at 10% bottomline every year. They are not getting good returns for the ad spends as well.

5. Laurus – I have been invested in this company since 2020. Bought a lot and sold all of them at a good profit for my unexpected expense. I again entered in this stock 1.5 yrs back. I feel Chava is over promising these days and not delivering. Market expected the company to grow a lot but it seem to grow below the expectation.

These are the information i have on these stocks. These information may probably be right as I don’t follow them anymore. What do you guys think about these 5 stocks?

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