Nifty paid calls (update)

Nifty paid calls (update)

This is an update to a year old post. You can find the post in the following link:

An year ago, I asked this forum about their opinion on Nifty paid calls. For details read the old post. It is not long.

As I expected everyone strongly discouraged me to not go that way. I said it is for my friend. Here on Reddit, “for a friend” generally means it’s for me. Fortunately, it was really my friend who invested in it. At that time I was really tempted by it because he has made 2.5 lakh.

Anyway, everything happened as people warned me here. He lost about 12 lakh by September this year. He is practically broke. This is not the only misadventure he has undertaken. He lost about 5 lakh in 2021 by starting a WhatsApp course. Most of the money went to content creation and digital marketing and he didn’t generate any income.

He is a wanna be finfluencer. He received an award in New Delhi from a well known cricket personality by paying money. He also published a book on Amazon platform. He is a loyal fan of none other than Ankur Warikoo.

If you are interested in joining his personal finance course, you can join by paying 5k. Only 3 seats left. You also get bonus course material worth 9999999/- . Mandatory /s as not everyone gets sarcasm.

I forgot about the post. One of the members of this sub DM’ed me asking about an update.

If you have any questions, happy to answer.

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