One hard hitting incident added fuel to my decision to move abroad

One hard hitting incident added fuel to my decision to move abroad

Hey Everyone, I (25M) have been thinking to move abroad for quite sometime. But one thing happened with me last week which made me consider the thought of settling in a developed country asap.

Coming to my background, I work in IT field earning in six figures. My dad has been unemployed since 7 years. I have a younger brother who is in school currently. I take the responsibility for his education. My parents doesn’t have any savings as well. But we have a good house. So, I am gonna take care of them for the rest of our lives( I am very happy to do it ). Currently our grandmother gets pension. So it’s a huge plus for us. And In the future, once I get married i will have to be in a position to take care of my wife and children as well. When the things go good & everyone are healthy, it’s a cake walk for me. But what If something goes otherwise?

Last week, my mother felt some lumps near her upper stomach area for which she worried it might be cancer. When she went to the hospital, they have suggested to take scans to check that. It’s going to happen tomorrow. It scared the shit out of me and I was in tears when I’m alone in my room. As you know, how male kids are attached to their mothers. I hope everything goes well.

Why this made me feel to move abroad? The money I am earning is good in India. But if something big happens to anyone in my family, will it be sufficient to take care of them?? I felt we are one shot away from bankruptcy. I pay around 4 lakhs in taxes. But I don’t even get free medical facilities for my family. I’m not complaining here. It is just what it is. Infrastructure, traffic etc etc. there are many things. But this struck very hard this time.

So what i have decided is i will try to find some work abroad or I’ll take a risk to do masters in the US. I have good experience and knowledge. I am positive that I can land in a good job. It’s a huge risk considering my family situation. But I saved enough for them to live while I study. And I certainly like to live life to the fullest on my own terms and not adjust my life to fulfil responsibilities. Please give your honest thoughts on it.

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  1. I wish you good luck and I understand your fear as I have gone through it. Dad became sick when I was in teenage. We sold everything we had for his medication, on top of that we took money from outside but still he died when I was 18. I then did engineering in government college, entered into IT. Cleared all debts. Saved and got sister married and when I was stable I was already 30. I got tested myself, have the same medical issues as my parents. Im taking medication and pushing my days. Adding more burden to this situation I’m gay , so no hope of getting married here. Will definitely agree if I get onsite oppertunity in future. Don’t feel guilty, it’s your life. I think in psychology it’s called ” roots and wings”. Some people thrive where they belong. Some move to place where they can thrive. Be hopeful and be honest. You will definitely get a better life. And your mom will be alright don’t worry. Take care.

  2. Everything will be fine champ. Stop worrying. For hospital stuff, sort out your corporate insurance and max it out. It won’t happen out of cycle though but you can check

  3. Dude if you are this close to financial instability then do plan moving to foreign nations only if you got a well paying job in hand. Otherwise you will spend months without any safety net looking for good work. Many people who go aboard , especially those who go for masters, don’t end up getting the job or pay of their dreams and end up doing work that has nothing to do with their career.

    Don’t make your move aboard based on a hasty or panicky situation.

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  5. You want to move for financial independence, so you never have to worry about money when it comes to taking care of your family.

    But what if your family is in a crisis and you are unable to be by their side because you are now half way across the world, stuck in an immigration quagmire? Would also that money do any good at that time?

    The grass is greener in the other side – Always.

  6. There are excellent life and medical insurances. Take both. And always be employed in a company whose medical insurance covers almost everything. My friend used her company insurance plus personal medical insurance to cover her parents medical issues for 15 years now! If something happens to you, your life insurance will still be there for your family.

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