One week in Noida

One week in Noida

Hi folks,

I’m writing because next month I’m going to India to work for one week, concretely to Noida (yeah, to meet some development team) but is my first time on the country and I have several questions related with India and with Delhi/Noida particularly.

So, those are my questions, any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

\- If the meetings and the teams are placed on Noida, is worth it to be hosted in Noida? Or is better to be hosted in Delhi and go by taxi/driver to Noida every day?

\- How is the quality of the hosting? I have seen some 4 stars hotels to ridiculous prices and I’m not sure if the quality is good (as long I can trust on the hotel food and I will not find bedbugs I’m happy enough).

\- How to move around the city? I can trust on taxi/uber? Or for one week is better arrange/hire a driver? Any price reference for this?

\- What can I do at afternoon/night? There is nightlife there? What can I expect?

\- And finally, what about dating? As a foreigner, how likely I will be able to meet someone and have some fun? To be honest, I’m not even looking for sex, meet someone for go somewhere, dinner and just show me around for me is enough.

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  2. Noida is decent. Why bother with everyday traffic? Best find a hotel close to your office and skip commutting all together.

    Uber should be fine. You may need to deal with surge pricing and wait times. keep cash with you in case the driver is a prick. A full time driver for a week will set you back a lot more than a few ubers will.

    Clubs are common.

    White foreigner – easy. Any other – difficult.

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