Parliament Watch Dispatches: an appreciation post for r/india

Parliament Watch Dispatches: an appreciation post for r/india

Hi, this is a appreciation post for the r/india community.

I’m an old-timer here on Reddit India. This forum, honestly, is one big reason I started doing what I do right now.

7 years ago, I used to do a series here called “[Last Week in Parliament](”, where I gave updates on what is happening in the Indian Parliament, written in a fun consumable way. Back then I was working with an MP and had to do it anonymously, so Reddit was the best option. Strangely enough, an editor from newslaundry saw these posts and asked me to write for them. [So I did](

That was my first foray into the public space and it’s been a long journey since then. I am making this post because right now, it feels like I’m leveling up a bit, but also going back to what I used to do on this forum: Watching Parliament and attempting to tell you wtf is happening.

Started a [youtube channel]( a month ago and I’ve been following the current session of Parliament closely. Now, Last week in Parliament is a daily video update and I thought it would be appropriate to share it on the forum where the idea first originated.

[**Dispatch #1**](**: no country for parliamentary reforms**

[**Dispatch #2**](**: adarniya modiji’s imperial march**

I have no demands, no asks, just wanted to post this here and express how much I appreciate this community. This is where it all started for me afterall.


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