Portfolio Review – 2 years since I started

Portfolio Review – 2 years since I started

Hello, it’s been 2 years since I started.

Mistakes: I’ve accumulated 21 stocks (Jio Finance was given to me by default since I hold Reliance) but now that I’ve understood my investment theory, I want to consolidate 10-15 stocks and let go of 5-6 stocks

Monthly SIPs: Suzlon, Sequent, IDFC, Motherson, Motherson wiring, IRFC

**Recently, I’ve started SIPs in the above stocks because they’re all under 100 and I am optimistic about their growth. Want to accumulate monthly for higher triple digit targets.

What I add lump-sum when I have extra cash: Reliance, Dixon, Mastek

Stocks I think were mistakes: LIC, Marico, IOL Pharma

LIC: got into the IPO hype without really understanding why I should/shouldn’t invest in it
Marico: not a mistake as such but I have a consumer MF, so don’t need an FMCG stock anymore
IOL Pharma: bought by studying screener but no clear strategy on how I would accumulate. This is an almost monopolistic stock with ibuprofen production.

What are your views on my portfolio? Happy to learn.

Reasons why I don’t have a lot of popular large caps: they’re part of my MF holdings which is more than 2x my stock portfolio

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