Post Retirement – Dad lost interest

Post Retirement – Dad lost interest

My father retired two months back. Now he is sitting at home and always immersed watching YouTube shorts. Occasionally he helps in washing plates. Other than that he is idle.
He doesn’t have much interests like gardening, farming, exercise, driving, going on trips or any activites as such.
If we try to talk to him about involving in activites e.g start some small scale maths tuition for nearby children or any other engaging activites, he snaps back at us. He is not involving in any conversation at all

He now looks rather thin nd his face is becoming lean and dark. I’m worried if his lifestyle will create health problems in the long run
If you guys have been in similar situation or if u have any ideas, it will be enlightening. TIA

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  2. This is the sad reality.
    Our parents generation was solely focused on getting us out of poverty and into middle class. Hence they didn’t develop a healthy lifestyle.

    After retirement, this becomes pretty clear. No motivation, no goal in life, no hobbies and no interests.

    What you can probably do is try to see if there are any activities in your neighbourhood which your father can enjoy. Maybe some group of people who meet regularly.
    It will take some time but you have to keep pushing on intelligently (i mean not directly but indirectly)

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