PSA- My fellow Int’l students; Communication skills are more important than you think

PSA- My fellow Int’l students; Communication skills are more important than you think

As the number of applicants rise for each open position (talking about Toronto), companies are adopting an additional screening process where a candidate should submit video recording of their answers for behavioral questions.

Recently I got an opportunity to sit on one of the panels to shortlist candidates for interviews. There’s a stark difference in the quality of international students from my country with the rest which is why I thought the following points might benefit someone. Please note that you might be excellent at technical skills but to convey just how good you are at them, communication matters.

Hopefully the tips below provide some guidance about how to score maximum points through your answers during a self-assessment video recording interview-

1. Gather your thoughts before answering. Your answers need to follow a sequence where you describe the problem, how it affected you and what steps you took to resolve it. Answering a question slowly would not deduct any points; speeding through your answers and losing coherence will.

2. Do not use fillers. Practice to stop the urge of using ‘umm’, ‘errr’ while you think about the next word/sentence. If that means you need to stay silent for 1-2 seconds, that’s fine.

3. Smile. I sat through about 15 video interviews and only 2 people smiled during their video interviews. Smile projects confidence and signals to the recruiter that you’re comfortable with answering.

4. Look at the camera. Do not look to the ceiling, do not look sideways, do not look at the floor. Imagine you’re speaking with a recruiter in front of you.

5. Use body language. Hands movement during answers portrays a candidate’s experience with good communication and similar to (3) above, shows confidence.

Hope the above helps somebody.
All the best with job hunting.

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