Query regarding Tata tech IPO allotment process.

Query regarding Tata tech IPO allotment process.

I had doubts regarding how the allotment process works for existing shareholder who invest more than 2 lacs, do they get considered under NII or shareholder category?

I have around 4 lacs to invest and was thinking of creating two applications, one as a NII and the other as a shareholder.

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  2. You should have received a communication from Tata motors about this.

    There is a 10% reserved for shareholders. But you can only apply for 2L under this category. You are, however, allowed to also apply in a different category (in addition to the shareholder category).

    From the TML communication:

    “The maximum Bid Amount under the aforesaid TML Shareholders Reservation Portion by an Eligible TML Shareholder shall not exceed Rs. 200,000 (Rupees Two Lakhs only). Further, Eligible TML Shareholders Bidding in the TML Shareholders Reservation Portion can also Bid in the Employee Reservation Portion and also in the Non-Institutional Bidder Portion or the Retail Individual Bidder Portion as mentioned in the RHP, and such Bids will not be treated as multiple Bids. For additional details, please refer “Offer Structure” on page 458 of RHP.”

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