Re-entered investing after 4+ years, bought OM Infra

Re-entered investing after 4+ years, bought OM Infra

I have been flushed for funds over past few years and re-entered investing again today. Medical bills + FnO stupidity.

I had started investing a little more than 4 years ago and one of my first few buys was Adani Green at around 68 (10-15 qty). At that time the rationale was the push behind solar/green energy and if I recall correctly, Adani winning some contracts + posting good profits. I wanted to keep buying more but in just 2-3 days the price went around 72 and from what all I had read the price should have come down allowing me to enter again at a lower price. Well, that didn’t happen.

Each day that I checked the price it kept going up, to the point I decided to stay away because it didn’t made sense for me to buy the stock at a 100+ which had gone up so quickly and which I had initially bought around 68. Anyway, when the stock kept rising, hitting circuits I gave up and purchased more, must have been around 150. I was new into my job and whenever I got paid I bought it. I managed to get hold of about 60-70 shares at an average of 200-250, don’t recall the exact price. Rest of money I invested in IDFC, ICICI etc.

My entire portfolio halved during the pandemic but I didn’t bother much. During the bull run after pandemic Adani Green touched 1000+ and that is also where I entirely exited the stock. I was out of work and had to take care of a lot of expenses due to health at that time. I had health insurance which helped majorly but living is expensive. At the same point, in greed I also tried FnO and wiped my entire portfolio and entered in debt. As of last month I am debt free and re-entered the market again today, solely for long term holding, no FnO, no trading, no short term picks.

OM infra has posted good results, been on run up and according to management the company has a healthy order book and should continue to deliver. I was only able to buy it because of major selling and the share hitting LC today. It may do the same for next 2-3 days but excited to see how it pans out. I will of course diversify with blue chips, ELSS and index funds too.

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