Rocky aur Rani ki Prem Kahani is a blast with progressive values at its heart.

Rocky aur Rani ki Prem Kahani is a blast with progressive values at its heart.

I can’t believe the hate this film is getting on this sub. This film is a true blue bollywood mainstem. Its entertaining to It’s core but what makes it better than previous Johar films is its progressiveness, its subtle political take and its full on anti-patriarchal stand. Suprised that people are not talking about this.

This film laterally tells us how. Liberals and Conservatives need to see past their differences and come together. The dolo re sequence is turning point in mainstream bollywood where a machoism is broken down in a glorious Bollywood dance number.

Acting wise Alia did a good job but Ranveer is a riot and a absolute fire cracker. Jaya bachan is spot on in a negative matriarchal role which is antithesis to her K3G role. And boy Dharmendra and Shabana Azami, wow, made my cry. Also loved how the songs proppel the story forward especially the old songs.
Please watch it in cinema halls. This is a big bollywood. Mainstream film in its full glory. Its kind our own Barbie – entertaining and yet breaking traditions.

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  1. It’s a wonderful progressive movie. The most important distinction for me, from all other mass commercial rom-coms, was that there was no hint of Rocky coming on too strong for Rani. Both of them liked each other, and they started with that. No “girl says no but means yes” type of bullshit in the beginning. I warmed to the film then onwards.

    Songs could have been better, and it’s no K3G, but still a brilliant film after a long time

  2. Loved it tbh …a good family entertainer after jugg jugg jeeyo …a better one tbh …omg it was soooo good …the whole scale of the movie…some good comedy …the songs etc etc

  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet but with the reviews of other movies on Reddit, all these guys do is hate on anything with Nepo in it. Especially Alia Bhatt for some reason gets so much hate..

  4. Just watched it last night and I’m really impressed. A good bollywood movie after a long time. Ranveer singh was an absolute bomb during the whole movie. Alia looked ravishing. There were progressive messages in the movie which I usually don’t expect from a Karan johar movie. The scene where the Ranveer and Alia’s father dance together gave me goosebumps.

  5. Ya it was a good movie. Ranveer was just tooooo good. I a,so love KJos Risk of making alias dad a kathak dancer. So elegant.

    my two critiques are that they should’ve shown more of rocky best friend / trainer lol and also KJo should stop using old songs so much. It got repetitive.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed it too!

    It’s an out-and-out masala movie and has a lot of heart. While at times, it can come off as lowkey preachy, but it’s probably the funniest movie by Karan Johar since Kal Ho Na Ho.

    Ranveer is legit carrying this film! He’s too, too, tooo good. Every line he said made everyone in the audi where I was burst out laughing like crazy and he’s living, breathing Rocky Randhawa. This man is seriously one of the best we have and you can’t take your eyes off of him.

    Alia’s also done pretty well. She looked so much more mature and dignified, unlike her earlier roles where she came off as wayyyy too young. I loved how KJo presented her as well — it was a nice synthesis of the earlier Dharma ladies and a compelling new female lead of today — who’s both headstrong and flawed.

    Shabana Azmi and Dharmendra’s subplot was so poignant and heartbreaking — that’s the real core of this movie.

    Jaya B, as always, was excellent but I feel they should’ve humanized her more as well.

    What I also like about this movie was how it subtly dealt with intergenerational cycles and how the characters dealt with them. It was what made it stand out for me.

    It’s not some aesthetic masterpiece, but it’s top class in terms of commercial entertainment!

  7. After a long time I saw audience in a multiplex clapping on scenes. This movie was a surprise. A quintessential Karan Johar brand of cinema but refreshing while looking glitzy. I loved it. In the pats few days I have now watched two feminist movies – Barbie and this one. Both deal with the patriarchy in their own way without being preachy at the same time being entertaining. Both movies look stunning, have great actors and some really good performances. Well done Karan Johar.

  8. First half was 10/10. Brilliant funny

    Second half left me with mixed feelings. KJO made such a modern movie but then killed by a typical 1990s type villain.

    He could have cut the movie by 20 mins, kept it light hearted, avoided all the drama and this be 2 hours of pure entertainment

  9. Top 5 movie of the year for me. Very surprised. Thought it would be a mediocre time pass, would love to see it with friends again in theaters but in the US it will most likely leave theaters this week or next at the most.

  10. I have always been a huge Alia fan but on Reddit i always found negativity regarding her and people nitpicking on anything related to her. I actually started to doubt my own choices haha! But after rocky aur rani my love for her is cemented and no lame redditors can change it

  11. Bhai oscar hi de dete hai movie ko.

    (let’s award oscar to this movie)

    Ab toh sach bol de. This is a shitty movie which should have opened at 1cr or less. Anything above that is marketing team’s success.

  12. yeah will definitely catch it when it’s on Prime/Netflix. Hope it’s not preachy though then would have to discontinue mid-way.

    None of the songs from Bollywood movies from the last 10-15 years appeals to me anymore- it just be the songs or just be the simple fact that am not a teenager anymore.

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