Seeking Date Ideas on a Budget in Delhi!

Seeking Date Ideas on a Budget in Delhi!

I need your help and suggestions for planning budget-friendly dates in Delhi. My girlfriend and I have decided to make Saturdays our special date day, but we’ve realized that our recent outings have been a bit heavy on the wallet.

Last week, we watched a movie at Shalimar Bagh PVR, which set us back around Rs 600. Later, we headed to Pacific Mall NSP for some food, and our bill at Burger King was also around Rs 600. She generously paid for the movie, and I took care of the food expenses.

This Saturday, we had a lovely time sitting near the park in Hauz Khas. Afterward, we had lunch at Naivedyam, a place recommended by a kind Redditor. The food was delicious, and the bill came to around Rs 500+. My girlfriend insisted on paying the entire bill, but we ended up splitting it.

As college students, spending this much every week is starting to pinch our pockets. So, I’m turning to you all for some fantastic suggestions. We’re looking for places like parks, museums, or any other interesting spots in Delhi where we can spend 5-6 hours without breaking the bank. Additionally, if you know of any great budget cafes, street food stalls, or even ideas for a picnic where we can bring our own lunch, please share them with us.

Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for helping us keep our Saturday dates both enjoyable and affordable. 😊🌆🍔🍕🎬

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