Seeking Guidance on My Stock Portfolio

Seeking Guidance on My Stock Portfolio

Hello fellow Redditors,

I’m in need of some serious advice on how to navigate my current stock portfolio.

Back in 2020, I took my hard-earned 51k from my internship and, admittedly, made some unwise decisions by diversifying my portfolio in a rather haphazard manner. Fast forward to today, my overall profit and loss (P&L) percentage stands at just 21% after 4 years of investing.

I’m looking for guidance and advice on the following key points:

Impulsive Purchases: I made rash decisions, such as investing in IEX and Sequent Scientific when they were at all-time highs, decisions I now regret.

HDFC Merger Impact: Following the HDFC merger, the average invested amount doesn’t reflect accurately in my portfolio, making the invested amount appear lower and the profit higher than it should be.

Overly Diversified Portfolio: I realize that I’ve over-diversified my portfolio, which might not be the most efficient approach.

Given my current financial situation, I don’t have additional funds to invest right now, but I’m prepared to hold onto these stocks for the long term.

I’m open to any advice, recommendations, or strategies to help me improve my overall portfolio performance. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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