‘Sexually Abused, Forced to Run Naked’: How Seniors ‘Severely Ragged’ JU Fresher to Death

‘Sexually Abused, Forced to Run Naked’: How Seniors ‘Severely Ragged’ JU Fresher to Death

‘Sexually Abused, Forced to Run Naked’: How Seniors ‘Severely Ragged’ JU Fresher to Death


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  1. Ragging is the worst of our education system. It’s the early stages of general power tripping we see across the country. In my Uni back in ~~2011~~ 2008 my friend was locked up for an entire day in the seniors apartment. My friend and his roommate/collegemate were made to watch porn, jerk each other off and perform sexual acts. It was news for a month. Seniors suspended for a semester and everything else went on like normal and ragging continued in less severe forms.

    Edit: this happened in 2008. I mistakenly mentioned the 2011 year of passing out.

  2. Back in my college days, there were so many news about severe ragging cases that ragging to death was only being brought up for a discussion. The college administration and police couldn’t care unless the ragging victim was a political party affliated member.

    I’m disheartened by this poor fellow and hope they find their peace in the afterlife but I’m more so glad that awareness and fight against such cases is getting more light.

  3. Very disheartening news…. Severe punishment should be given to the soulless fucktards

    Unpopular opinion:Better to kill those perpetrators rather than committing suicide( mey gaya toh gya saath mey dukh dene waale lo leke jaunga bc)

  4. I studied in BHU from 2015-2020. My seniors were very caring whenever we came across a senior somewhere on some snack shop or food joint they would always offer food, drinks etc. They helped us with studies. And during time of need like once I had typhoid my senior took me to see a doctor was there with me the whole time. I never faced any issue there. Seniors should be like elder brothers and sisters. Not like these demons.

  5. I haven’t watched the video but from the title it sounds as “Raped and paraded naked” Why is it hard to grasp that man getting raped is a thing ?

  6. This is very horrible and shouldn’t happen to anyone and I’m not victim blaming but ragging issue goes way deeper than we think.

    Indians are indoctrinated from childhood to “respect” and obey seniors, parents, teachers without any question which creates such weak minded individuals who will do any type of humiliating acts and won’t stand up for their self respect. I can’t even imagine myself agreeing to do such kind of things except if I’m held at gunpoint. When I was in college, two of my seniors came to our class and picked me and my 3 friends to introduce ourselves and ordered us to propose any random girls. We cornered them and told them to fuck off and threatened them to beat their ass if they even ask us anything again. They never bothered us again. I wish our parents taught us to have a spine and not to bend ourselves according to someone’s wishes and whims.

    It doesn’t even take much to stand up against these losers. 90% of seniors are good, it’s the small minority of soulless psychos who indulge in such acts. I’m sure no fresher likes to get ragged, so how difficult it is to form a group and complaint to the officials or just beat the ever living shit out of these “seniors’?

  7. Forget jail, threaten all 20 seniors that they will be failed and kicked out of university and their names will be made public, if they will not disclose every information. After that death penalty to the culprits.

    If your crime directly leads you to the death of a person then punishment should also be death. No excuse of being young or them having time to improve in future.

  8. Bullying .. everywhere. The other day there was a video about Sr vs Jr kalesh.

    It is important to try find the pattern

    * Who are the people bullying ?
    * Are they from dysfunctional families ?
    * Are they rural or urban ?
    * Is there family influential ?

    What is sad is a life is lost. Dreams, love, attachment .. a family member is lost.

    All those who are involved should be give life term with rigorous punishment. But the truth is .. unke baap dada apne connection le aayege ghar ke sapoot ko bachane ke liye.

  9. A friend of mine who studied medicine in some apparently famous college in Kolar said that one of his neighbors in the hostel used to be ‘ragged’ by this senior who would just come and shit on his bed periodically – without any warning. Like what the hell? How is that even ragging?

  10. Complain to the authorities without any fear. If the University administration doesn’t take appropriate action, complain to the Police.

    And then see the “swag” of the senior ragging you wither away as he will come crying to you with folded arms for forgiveness. Go all in and watch him be rusticated. Then he will have ample time on his hands to contemplate how ragging helped make him friends after he’s forced to pack his bags and go home.

  11. Jadavpur is run by goons. Anyone suspecting this please google the university’s name.
    This is one incident that has come to light, imagine how many are living with embarrassment even now?
    Fucking assholes

  12. I appreciate my university suspending people at the slightest news of anything inappropriate now. Even the slightest of inconvenience caused by one person to another ends up with a council making a decision often ending in suspension and expulsion. In my first year, I saw the expulsion of nearly 15 students who I knew for sure were troublemakers and formed a gang in the first month.

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