Should I go to consumer court for poor servicing by Acer India.

Should I go to consumer court for poor servicing by Acer India.

Hi, I’m 20 and the only thing I know about consumer court is that one can apply online.

I purchased a laptop from Amazon about one month ago from Acer, it was Predator Helios Neo 16, costed 1.5lacs. The laptop had heating issues. What I saw in reviews was that predator has great thermals and upon a power draw of 75W, it reached to 80degrees while playing GTAV but in my case when power draw is 75W, temperature reaches 100degrees which is deadly for a laptop. Benchmark score of this laptop is 20K but mine is around 17.5K

I got to know about it when the replacement period was over. So I called for servicing, the technician came, real nice and polite guy but he couldn’t fix the problem. He promised he would raise complaint to his seniors which he did but they have been only exchanging mails for a month. They are saying extremely silly things instead of getting to the root of the problem. Today I saw that my case has been closed. I’ve wrote a lot of mails to Acer India but it all seems to have gone in vain. Acer India has poor servicing but I didn’t expect it to be this bad even in Delhi.

Today I was utterly done with them and thought about raising complaint in consumer court but I have no idea how the cases are fought in consumer court. After filing online complaint, specifying out my problem, do I need to physically go to court and fight case which probably would take and eternity, not to mention lawyer fees. Please provide me with info as to what happens and how long it takes.

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