Should I leave the market?

Should I leave the market?

Hi guys,

It’s been 3 years for my job and I have started options trading in parallel from March 2022.
In my savings I have around 5L and lost almost 6L in options trading by now.
I was +3L by July but now -6L.
Any suggestions how to take up further or what to do, anything will be helpful!!!!

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  1. First, take a pause.

    Second, understand that losing is a part of the long term game. Everybody loses before they become consistently profitable. (I’ve been trading for 15 years – and I don’t do it full time)

    Next, look at what went wrong:

    1. Did you have a strategy? Or were you just gambling based on your thoughts? If yes, write that strategy in detail in a notepad. Put it in extreme detail.
    2. What was your risk management and money management strategy? Check if it adhered to some basic rules around it.
    3. Did you keep a journal? If not, painfully go through all your trades one by one – try to remember each and every trade and write an approximate decision of entry/exit strategy.

    Once you have done the above, you can move further to reading and backtesting more strategies or optimising your current ones.

    Also, never trade with debt money or money that you cannot afford to lose completely.

  2. Idk man, it’s like a business only and it’s not a consistent linear growth.
    – I’m a newbie too, but even I want to be a full time trader but I’m waiting for what time has in store for me.

  3. STOP trading in F&O and understand concepts of investing money so as to earn at a CAGR of at least 20% annually. This is the what a salaried person should do. You may find a stock that can deliver you multibagger returns but to find such a stock you have to learn which you can’t do while trading in F&O.

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