Should I lie about my 12th standard percentage in order to meet a company’s eligibility criteria?

Should I lie about my 12th standard percentage in order to meet a company’s eligibility criteria?

So I am from a tier 3 college in Mumbai in the EXTC branch. As you can guess our college does not have big companies coming everyday and the ones that do give preference to CS and IT branch students and even then only take 4-5 people. But there is a company coming next week who’s registration form we have to fill by tomorrow which is only EXTC and ETRX students. But the problem is in one of the eligibility criteria they have asked for over 70% in 12th while I have only 66% . Should I lie in my resume and while filling the registration form? I don’t want to miss this opportunity but I am scared of what would happen if I get the job and then the company asks for the marksheet before joining.

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  1. Yes. Plz do it. Nobody gives a damn at later stage (e. g. At the time of joining if you get selected). Recruitment & on boarding teams are different, so on-boarding team just assumes that somehow recruitment team decided to allow you with less score. Keep away from the companies which select only few candidates (less than 5). They might catch the bluff before making you an offer.

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  3. Better not to lie. Almost all companies will do a background check including verification of marks. You will be also required to submit the marksheet while joining. Background check results may be delayed and once after you join the new company, if your background check results comes negative the company can fire you.

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