Should I study B.E Biotechnology at 26 ?

Should I study B.E Biotechnology at 26 ?

Hello I’m 25M from Bangalore.
My 2016 Karnataka cet rank was 13559 . I suffer from depression , anxiety and mild psychosis , which means that I can’t handle too much stress. I used to study B.E Electronics and communication from 2016 to 2021 before I dropped out. I wanted to study B.E Biotechnology but dad thought it was useless to study and forced me into E&C instead. He died during the second wave of corona in 2021.

I’m currently studying BSc psychology and plan to do diploma in pharmacy after and set up a pharmacy. We own 4 shops so it will be easy to get one shop to host my pharmacy.

However a part of me still believes i should study B.E biotechnology, that that’s what I’m actually passionate about. However I’m 25 now and will have to study for Kcet again . I will have wasted 8 yrs and will be 26 when I start the course and 30 when I finish it. I intend to study master’s abroad. Most probably in Germany or Australia. All in all i will be 33 by the time I will be done with studies. After that I intend to immigrate to the country where I studied master’s but I’m not sure how likely that is to happen. Whether they will accept my request to immigrate.

If it doesn’t work out i suppose i could always just study Diploma in Pharmacy for 2 yrs and set up my own pharmacy. But it will still be a waste of 4-6 yrs. Also my relatives tell me that i should be married by ,at latest , 30. I suppose it is easy for me to get married. I own my own house in Bangalore and rent out 4 shops from which I get a income of 12 lakhs per annum. And as I said I can always study D.pharm and starty own pharmacy. So I guess I will get a good girl to marry but I’m kinda afraid i might miss out on a better girl cause I studied biotechnology which is a rather useless degree in India.

So what should I do ? Should I continue BSc psychology followed by D.pharm or should I shift to B.E Biotechnology ?

If B.E biotech then what are my chances to immigrate abroad ?

Thank you.

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