Small DD on Likhitha Infrastructure Limited.

Small DD on Likhitha Infrastructure Limited.

This is my first DD. Please share your Feedback.


* **Company Overview:**
Company is a prominent Oil & Gas Pipeline Infrastructure service provider in India. Company has a strong Pan-India presence encompassing 19 states and 2 Union Territories and Nepal and have successfully incorporated a joint venture company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

* Operating in three main segments:1.Pipeline Infrastructure (Cross-country Pipeline & City Gas Distribution Projects)2.Tankage & Terminal Projects3.Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services.
* **Clients**
* **Future Outlook**
Company is currently executing tankage projects for IOCL and NOCL in Nepal and expects to bid on more tankage projects in the future. Additionally, the Company is exploring opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, and other similar countries where there is a significant demand for pipeline infrastructure companies.
* **Revenues Streams**
Cross-country Pipelines and Associated Facilities 68.44%City Gas Distribution Including CNG Stations 22.78%Tankages and Terminals 8.47%Operation & Maintenance of CNG / PNG Services 0.32%
* **Order Book**
The Company’s outstanding order book position is ₹1,42,593.92 Lakhs as on March 31, 2023, which includes ₹97,585.55 Lakhs from Cross-country pipelines and associated facilities, ₹32,480.92 Lakhs from City Gas Distribution including CNG Stations and ₹12,074.65 Lakhs from tankage & terminal projects thereby contributing of 99.68% to the total order book of the Company.
* **Revenues**
Revenue FY 2022-23 ₹350 cr FY 2021-22 ₹255 Cr . increased by 36.41%
EBITA in FY 2022-23 recording ₹85 Cr against ₹64 Cr in FY 2021-22 . increased by 31.41%
PAT in FY 2022-23 recording ₹60 cr against ₹45 cr in FY 2021-22 . increased by 32.06%

**0 Debt**
**ROCE 36.15%**

Debt Equity Ratio was increased by 46.74% on Standalone basis and 46.47% on Consolidated basis due to increase in Shareholders Equity during the current year and also decrease in debt for the current year.Current Ratio was decreased by 30.90% on Standalone basis and 29.72% on Consolidated basis due to increase in trade payables during the current financial year.

* Source[\_Report\_2022-23.pdf](

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