Strategy for investing 6L-7L in the Stock Market

Strategy for investing 6L-7L in the Stock Market

Hi Dear Friends,

I have 6L-7L to invest in the Stock Market, This is after my safe investment in FD and PPF and Cash liquid for one year’s expense.

I don’t want to invest actively in equity as market is ATH, I have tried in past and were able to make \~9% where it was very diverse portfolio bought mostly in Sept 2021 where market was ATH. have sold in 2022 bear market crash and wherever I made +10% on any stock I sold. Which means, I didn’t do any fundamental or technical analysis. I have bought the sector leaders, and also looked into the charts that if haven’t rose much there is potential to rise with relation to nifty50.

It was interesting learning, but I feel amount of time I put was addiction without much benefit. So I would like to go with Mutual Funds. Now question is, I don’t want to invest everything 7L in mutual fund now. instead many suggests to go with SIP. Can I have Fixed Deposit kind of structure and get 7%+ interest on remaining amount after whatever is debited for SIPs so I am not keeping remaining amount in saving account and make only 2%. How do you do?

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