Sue my teacher who assaulted me

Sue my teacher who assaulted me

Since i was a kid i did went to tutions since first class but used to come after time pass and only used to study a couple of weeks before exams and always was able to score 85% plus marks but when i got to 6th standarded my mother was referred to a home tutor by a family friend who was also tutoring her children and she told him he would discipline your child and make him study 24/7 so my mother appointmented him but for he was a shit teacher his way was to cram the study write score and didn’t care about understanding and used to give loads of homework which was almost impossible to complete and if you ask him too many doubts or leave even a single question of homework he used to slap me a 6th standarded boy as hard as he can punch me on my back my liver/ribs and pinch me hard enough to leave a bruise and he said go and fetch your badminton racket and used to whip me with that racket and i used to cry in front of him uncontrollably and he used to said dont do melodrama and when i used to cry in front of my mom she was compelled that she was doing it for my future. That teacher fucked me up mentally and physically i used to cry a lot and i then made a home made spear out of pvc pipe and 30 long iron nails taped at front and kept it hidden near where teacher used to teach me thinking that if he would touch me i would kill him i also a couple of times kept a pocket knife when he came to teach motivated that I would cut him up today but i was a coward and was mentally unstable because of him so i used only cry when he whipped me with racquet…. IT went on for about 6 weeks and then i broke down in front of my mom and a neighbor friend who was at my house and explained mom he is no good to improve my academics and my friend also requested my mom to drop that teacher as i already was good studies but apparently my mom wanted me to study on daily basis and wasn’t fan of study last 2 weeks and scoring 85%+ but after lot of complaining mom did called tutor and told him that we do not need a tutor any more and would teach me at home

That teacher was monster he used to have 13-14 home tuitions all boys and all thier parents wanted to get their kids beaten by him in name of kids future it was his only USP he never said a single thing about me and used shame me to destroy my self confidence

I am 19 yrs old now and still i am very hurt by what i went through i am a egoistic person and if anybody do somebody bad to me i cannot forget for life

I today watched again taare zameen par and very heavily started to remember my story and went in shocking state i have a lot of times previously thought of suing that home tutor but was a minor than as i dont know my parents would support me or not but now i am adult and am very seriously thinking about suing him before I used to think about kidnapping him torture him like cut all his finger segments one by one poke out his eyes cut him up and put salt all over him burn him slowly with a fuljhadi and so on but they were just intrusive thoughts

But now i am going to sue him and would talk to my family lawyer but i would have to convince my parents first …..

i did a google search and it said that i can file a case on basis of CPA SEC 23

So i just wanted to know redditors or lawyers that what do you think how long would this case go would it be a open and shut or would go on for few years as i dont have any proofs other then a millions of eye witnesses in family and friends and i also never ever hurted that teacher verbally or physically I was the only one who used to get beatings

So i wanted to know if anybody has had any experience with this kind of case and how did it went and how much punishment would he get

I want him behind the bars in the name of my justice and of all the other hundreds students he has assaulted physically and mentally tortured

I would not settle this case for money or apologies only other out of court settlement i would consider would be that i would tie his hands and legs and strip him and then beat him with 2 badminton racquets untill they break or u know he can go to jail i would be happy with both

Come on any lawyer out there give me your opinions and thus is not time pass post i am dead serious

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