TCS – Q2 Results Highlights

TCS – Q2 Results Highlights

**Performance Highlights**

* Revenue: ₹ 59,692 Cr
* Growth: 7.9% YoY
* Net Profit: ₹ 11,342 Cr
* Operating Margin: 24.3%
* Net Margin: 19.0%
* Order Book Value: ₹ 93,142 Cr

**Major Announcements**

* Share buyback of up to ₹ 17,000 Cr approved by the board.
* Buyback share price set at ₹ 4150 per share.
* Interim dividend of ₹ 9 per share announced.
* S. Sukanya appointed as the CIO.

**Domain Performance**

BFSI is TCS’s largest segment at 32.6%, followed by Consumer business at 15.9%. Life Sciences saw a strong 5.8% YoY growth.

**Market Performance**

TCS, like many Indian IT firms, garners 51.7% of revenue from North America. Europe and the UK contribute around 31.4%. YoY growth stands at 2.8%.

**Dividend and EPS**

Interim dividend of ₹ 9 per share announced

The Earnings Per Share (EPS) jumped to ₹ 31 per share from ₹ 28.51

Source: TCS Financial Results
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