The fact that we are using Box Office numbers to determine if an actor is good or not…

The fact that we are using Box Office numbers to determine if an actor is good or not…

It’s non sensical. It shows exactly what is wrong with Bollywood and why we don’t get quality content ever.

Box Office number never tell whether a actor is good or not. In fact, I can say with confidence that it does not tell you whether a movie is good or not.

You did the numbers game with Ranveer and Kangana, but now try doing this with KK Menon or Manoj Bajpayee. Surely they would’ve been “finished” quite a while ago but they aren’t. They are arguably some of the best working actors in Bollywood right now.

Box Office is 90% marketing and stardom (any Khan or Kapoor), 5% word of mouth and 5% the movie’s quality. Brahmastra was a box office success (400cr+), Gangs of Wasseypur was not.

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  1. Box office number is only used for a leading actor male or female. Also for directors.

    For the rest the cast the success and failure does not affect them too much. A good performance in a flop movie will get you more character roles.

    But for leading actors unfortunately the box office parameter is used by both the market and by themselves. It is part of business.

  2. Are we really using box office numbers to determine good actors? I disagree. From Pankaj Kapoor to KK, Irrfan Khan to Nawazuddin, BO hasn’t mattered for the appreciation of their work. Pankaj Tripathi isn’t loved because he pulls big numbers.

    BO determines stardom and crowd pulling ability. That’s important for the movie business for different reasons. It’d be foolish to deny that. But for the criteria for good actors, I don’t think BO is used. It is a different thing that stardom is not equal to being a good actor.

  3. Not really.

    We use box office numbers to measure the appeal and stardom of stars, not actors. Individuals like KK, Nawaz and many many more are not expected to bring crowd to theaters and they haven’t given a single blockbusters on their own but are still considered very good actors.

    The box office game is between those 8-12 stars.

    Business is really important as if no money is made then makers won’t even make art movies.

  4. I agree that box office numbers dont represent actual quality of a movie or an actor’s talent but I dont agree that this is a Bollywood problem and that there is a real issue with quality of content in Bollywood.

    Like OP stated, Box office numbers are a product of a movie’s commercial viability (Based on Genre) X commercial strategy (PR + Number of theaters + Timing of release etc) X star value (Potential to fill theaters) X quality of content. Manoj Bajpayee’s movies are not made in genres which are considered commercial releases like SRK’s movies, hence they are not made with the same level of budget as SRK’s movies and have limited release as compared to SRK’s movies which are released in high number of theaters and hence the expectations to make Box Office mullah is much lower from MB’s movie than SRK’s movies. MB’s movies are not assessed on their Box Office potential but SRK’s movies definitely are because of their comparatively higher cost.

    In the old day’s Satyajit Ray, Mani Kaul and Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s movies never made money at the box office but they were never considered flop movies and no one really looked at their box office. However Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra movies were always evaluated based on their box office results.

    **Box office focus is not a Bollywood Issue.** You will see the same focus in South India, UK, Australia, US etc etc. Box office success is expected from a Big Budget movie from Tom Cruise but not from a small budget Anthony Hopkins movie just like SRK and MB. Box office numbers are reported for all but their assessment of movie’s quality is different. Marvel, DC, Fast and the Furious, Transformers etc are commercial movies judged on their box office earnings because they are big budget movies while content focused movies do great at awards and film festivals but rarely excite at the box office.

    **Bollywood** releases 125-150 movies every year. 20-30 of these movies are focused on making money at the box office while majority of the remaining movies are a mix of content focused, parallel cinema and some low budget low quality movies. Hence those 20-30 commercial movies are not representative of Bollywood’s quality just like Marvel movies are not representative of Western Cinema.

  5. I agree! Box office numbers have absolutely no bearing on the quality of the film or the actor’s performance. So many classics of Hindi cinema were flops- Lamhe, Silsila, Kaagaz Ke Phool and more recently films like Aligarh, Sonchiriya, etc. it’s myopic of audience members to have placed such importance on numbers. And watch- it’ll be detrimental for quality in the future.

  6. We use it to determine who is a star, not if someone is a good actor.

    Also box office numbers are used because it’s the only objective criteria. For instance, just drop a question on the sub asking who is overrated. You will get all names, from Shahrukh to irfaan and from Madhuri to Alia. So what do we do?

  7. The fact that we, the normal public, with no connection with the film making process tries to determine and argue if an actor is good or not, in itself is insane.

    What difference does it make to you? We should only be evaluating / rating movies.

  8. man i made a reply in some post earlier that it’s sad that such an incredible artist like kangana is wasting her potential and that i prefer her as an actress more than two in the post and someone said count me her number of hits and i visibly facepalmed myself at this thinking a lot more people also think so

    audience has eyes only for those who fill out theatres in most cases and it shows tbh

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