The night glow(Indian skin)

The night glow(Indian skin)

I am (19M) Indian.average Indian looks and a bit on the fairer side skin with a stubble but ,Brooo I am not even kidding ,I woke up at like 3 am couple of days ago and I looked in the mirror and I looked like a freaking model

I have never seen myself look that good ever in my life ,my hair are a bit wavy so I keep a messy hairstyle and the mess my hair was at 3 am was perfect.My face was glowing and I looked like i am Italian or sth and by the morning it was all gone wth

I swear to god i look like a freaking model after I wake up randomly at night but I come back to my ugly face in the day

It is so weirddd,and i told this to couple of my friends they said they experienced the same
It’s so weird

Anyone knows why tho and how can I retain that glow all day

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