This Free Website Helps Me Filter Thousands of Stocks Down to Found Hidden Gems

This Free Website Helps Me Filter Thousands of Stocks Down to Found Hidden Gems

Y’all, [Screener]( is my secret sauce for filtering India’s thousands of listed stocks down to ones worth researching further. I don’t use it to predict winners straight up – but surface exciting possibilities.


**Some key ways I leverage Screener in my hunt for stonks:**

# Screen Baby Screen

I apply all types of filters to highlight stocks matching my investing hypotheses. Some examples:

* Finding consistent earners and dividend payers
* Uncovering potential turnaround situations
* Surface companies with low debt and improving efficiency

These screens showcase possibilities worthy of further diligence. **But passing a screen ≠ definitely should buy.** More digging required before investing!

# Pimping Out Default Screens

Screener has good preset screens to start with. I tune these further by tweaking ratios, growth rates and valuation filters till they align closer with what I’m looking for. The ability to clone and customize saves me setup time.

# Rolling My Own Secret Sauce Ratios

You can mix and match raw data to build custom formulas evaluating profitability, leverage, cash flows etc. I created an “owner’s earnings” metric to quickly value stocks. Backtesting ensues.

# Going Ham with Query Wizardry

If I’m seeking some super specific stock criteria – like FMCG companies entering rural markets with pricing power during high inflation – the Query Wizard lets me get creative in screening for such exotic cases.

**Some of my screens**

Short Term Quick Hitter Potential: [These are good for short term investments](

Long Term Value & Quality: [These companies have been good for the past 10 years](

Keen to hear how ya’ll using Screener to find potential hidden gems!

Lemme know your favorite screens and metrics too.

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