Title got 1.5k to invest

Title got 1.5k to invest

So I got 1.5k INR from my parents to invest.
Hearing stories from my cousin they want me to learn about this stuffs.
Honestly, I also have curiosity about this thing but have no idea about how to start.

In reality they gave me 1k to make 2k, I used my negotiation skills and we agreed upon 1.5k to 2k in 6 months.

I would have just invest in whatever stocks I like but I don’t want disadvantage of loss.

I’m looking for advice and openion.

Ps: I’m in 12th class too so I won’t have much time, I’d have like an hr to give.

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  2. Your post makes it clear that you are completely new to this. Nothing wrong with that, you need to educate yourself before you enter into capital markets. Put aside 10 minutes a day and learn about stock market and mutual funds. I highly recommend The recently launched YouTube Channel- **Zing! By Zerodha**

    There is no sure shot method of making money. There will always be disadvantage of loss just to get a chance for profits. That’s how stock market works- Higher risk for a chance of higher reward.

    Also, F&O sochna bhi mat.

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