Today’s trade recap

Today’s trade recap

Trade logic and analysis

Reason of picking Grasim: Grasim is all time high, It opened on a slightly +ve note at 1990, I was looking to buy signal. After seeing the initial participants activity, participants sold but not hugely it was just a morning profit book. I was awaiting for it to go up, I found the signal on 4th 1 minute candle. I executed the order as the SL was clear.

Whether my stop loss was defined at the time of buy: Yes, It was clearly defined.

How was the state of my mind at the time of buy: It was not that much peaceful there were some fearful activities were there.

How was my state of mind when I was in trade: Initially it was peaceful seeing green candles. The second red candle hit my soft SL and I was out of the trade.

What gone bad today: Unnecessarily got hit my SL but actually it was an opportunity to upscale.

What gone excellent today: An excellent entry with clear SL. No spike in mental activities while in trade.

Lesson learned: When you are in green trade then “Wait bete wait”

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