Too many scammers!

Too many scammers!

I’ve been in India for a week and have never in all of my life’s travels come across so many scammers. Big scams, small scams. I already stopped trusting anyone I come across. It’s made me disgusted being here and I can’t wait to leave.

The worst part is I am disturbed by my change in demeanor. I’ve become very dry and serious because I’m just waiting for someone to try me, and I’m prepared to shut them down. So I’m just not my normal happy, light self here.

Am I the only one who dislikes this country for this reason? I really can’t wait to leave.

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  1. Hi, are you tired of all these scams?

    Do you wish to be scam free?

    I know someone who can help you out..

    Only Rs 25,000.

    But because you are my brother, I’ll give you dickscount, but please don’t tell anybody as it is special for you.

    20,000 rs for you.

  2. It even happens to us Indians. U can’t trust anyone in those buzzing tourist spots. But if u go to an offbeat place, the residents will give u free accommodation, free food, free tour , everything. They are true gems. Even the normal city residents are also genuinely helpful. Only those people who earn money from tourism industry are the biggest liars.

  3. Bro literally talks as if there are no scammers in touristy places outside india. Get out of your barbie world and visit some other places or atleast watch some real travel vloggers who dont roam around in Luxury hotels.

    COPE by not overreacting and becoming “dry and serious”
    Reddit post wont make those scammers disappear tommorow. But you not overreacting will help you.

  4. As an Indian who has lived abroad most of his life, India changed me into not the best version of myself, and I blame Indians for that. Between the lack of integrity, civic sense and pure selfishness they possess, I have learned to have zero empathy for them.

    I instead live here and make money off their self-serving nature in a way that best benefits me, but it has left me more tired than I would have been had I lived back in any of the countries I lived before.

    I’ll probably get downvoted for this, but this is my truth, and I stand by it. Indians are generally in the majority, some of the worst of humanity, and they are too stupid to realise it or too arrogant and defensive to accept it.

  5. You are in the land of scammers. This is the land of call centers where indians call Americans to inform them that their windows subscription is about to expire or they owe IRS money.

    Keep to yourself, don’t trust anyone. Finish your trip and have a safe journey back home.

    I am an indian who keeps away from indians.

  6. What is up with tourists acting like they they are coming from a better place?
    In paris you can’t leave your phone on the restraunt table, it will be gone in seconds. Scammers, stabbers at every place. Not to mention the homelessness and trash everywhere.

    So is the case with all dense tourist places in europe. Lol the ignorance to rant about india

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