Unable to place order

Unable to place order

Unable to place order

Hey dudes. A noob here. I’ll get straight into it.

I thought Vodafone Idea’s share price (currently 13.8) would go down to around 11ish in 2 months’ time.
So i tried to buy 28 Dec 11 strike PUT option at Rs. 0.10 (LTP) today on Groww app.

But the app cancelled the order saying “please choose a strike closer to LTP”

At the same time, i can see people are buying/selling the same strike as the no. of orders rose today.

So my que is:
1. Is it something Groww does? I searched for company policies, and i found that upstox restricts OTM orders of more than 30% fluctuations from the LTP. But i couldn’t find any on Groww
2. Is there a workaround for it? Cos i really really wanna try buying that option 😀

(Please don’t say buy 12th strike price one, cos that’s not the point of my que :D)
Thanks my dudes

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