Urgent: Delhi Technological University (DTU) Refuses Fee Refunds Despite UGC Guidelines – Students Desperate for Resolution

Urgent: Delhi Technological University (DTU) Refuses Fee Refunds Despite UGC Guidelines – Students Desperate for Resolution

Hello, fellow Redditors,

TLDR: **Dire issue affecting students at Delhi Technological University (DTU). DTU is refusing to refund a substantial fee amount of 2.19 Lakhs to students who are entitled to it, despite clear guidelines set by the University Grants Commission (UGC). UGC’s Fee Nivaran department proving to be teeth less and useless. Education Department of Delhi too of no help.**

On October 26, 2023, I submitted a formal request for admission withdrawal from DTU as per UGC guidelines, which clearly state that the university should refund the fee. However, DTU has not initiated the refund process, despite my persistent efforts since November last year.

What’s even more concerning is that the Registrar of DTU has publicly stated that the university will not comply with UGC guidelines and has released a notification confirming this stance. This is a direct violation of UGC directives.

I’ve been seeking recourse through the UGC and the Fee-Nivaran portal for grievance redressal since February 2023. Unfortunately, despite assurances from the UGC, no refunds have been disbursed to affected students, and the issue remains unresolved. The UGC is not undertaking any of their measures that they have outlined in their circular for universities that are non-compliant, i.e. no sanctions have been made against DTU.

I have tried to contact the Delhi Govt as well. All they keep doing is forwarding my message to the Secretary Higher Education’s office in Pitampura. However the higher education dept. has not replied to a single one of my mails. Thus, I visited their office in Pitampura in person, but was shunned away and refused help. They said they are powerless in DTU’s policy, yet the Delhi Education dept. keeps forwarding my grievances to them, not even acknowledging my responses that state the Higher education dept.’s inability and the fact that I have visited their office in person and was refused help.


Please share this post, spread the word, and if you have any insights or suggestions on how to escalate this issue, please share them. Additionally, if you know of any media outlets or organizations that could help, please let me know.

Let’s come together to address this problem and ensure that the rightful refunds are provided to students as per UGC guidelines. Thank you for your support.


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