Want advice to invest more money in stocks.

Want advice to invest more money in stocks.

My bros i am a newbie/noob in stock market started investment after nifty 50 crossed 20000 mark close to 13 September . Basically i invested 1.63 lac by using portfolios which i made myself on smallcases , i have basic knowledge about stocks and can read charts and used stock history as a perimeter and i was thinking about inflation when investing so invested in fmcg, Pharma( major money is in these two as i think they will not lose their value even in inflation) and some other tech and non tech stocks.
As of now im in 11k profit and want help from you people to know should i continue to increase diversity in my portfolio or should i target specific stocks im bullish upon. And you people can give any advice that you want i will appreciate it Thank you .

P.s. im bullish upon vbl, kpit , jyothy labs,granules,zensar and a few more.

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