Was Govinda truly a superstar during the 90s?

Was Govinda truly a superstar during the 90s?

The data in the above table include his all his box office successes of the 90s. The values presented in the “ADJUSTED GROSS” column represent the original box office earnings adjusted for inflation, i.e., they reflect the equivalent value of 90s-era currency in 2023. I have calculated the adjusted gross using a currency conversion webtool that can be found on Wikipedia.

NOTE: Govinda made more movies than given here which didn’t do as well. But you have to consider that 1990s was a very different time period. Back in the day, an actor usually worked in 3-5 movies per year. So if an actor did 12 movies in 3 years (4 per year) and only one of them turned out to be a success, that actor was considered a top actor. So considering this fact, Govinda’s track record during the 90s is very exceptional.

Breakdown of the above data:
– Govinda prime: 1990-99
– Blockbuster: 1
– Super Hit: 3
– Hit: 6
– Semi Hit: 1
– Above Average: 1
– Highest grossing film: Saajan Chale Sasural (1996)

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  1. The numbers and success don’t lie. He was a superstar in the 90s. He knew what he excelled at, and understood what the audience wanted from him. He delivered.

    A lot of his films can very much be enjoyed today.

    Aankhen. Deewana Mastana. Haseena Maan Jayegi. Hero No.1. Etc..

  2. I am surprised Dulhe Raja was only a semi hit. It’s probably his most memorable movie. I watched it countless times as a kid. I still quote dialogues of that movie in real life lol Deewana Mastana was also great and has aged well

  3. for his bracket, for his style he was a star – he had his niche following. just like mithun did.

    his films were cheap and quickly made – thus increasing the chance of a film being a hit.

    aankhen cost 25cr whereas darr released same year was 32cr – govinda by then was a 7 year actor.

    he was an in demand actor wihtout a doubt – for years making around 10 films a year. but this kinda over-exposed him. quick movies – modest budgets – standard scripts it was all very repetitive. but he was the common man’s hero without a doubt.

  4. As usual people in this group are too cynical. Govinda is known across Nations and he’s a fan favorite in places like Nepal, Malaysia, Bali. You can list numbers all day, but word of mouth can’t be argued.

  5. Chi chi rocked the 90s jim carrey era in bollywood. Then 2000 onwards akki took over that onus on himself. Chichi tried to do srk-esque films with hadh kar di aapne n hum tumpe marte hai…but didnt work for him. The khans n akki proper put him out of work since 2000s. His dance was also not worshipped once roshan entered in 2000. Hindi cinema also changed quite a bit along with taste of audience with lagaan n dch. Audiences also didnt want his kinda movies anymore. Multiplexes werent his kinda cinema experience. All in all it was a perfect storm that he didnt see coming.

  6. Govinda was a top star in 90s and despite of people running him down then for his sartorial choices, or his hip thrusts or his lack of English or classy movies. One can rewatch most of those listed movies even today and won’t be disappointed.

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