We need more movies like 2018.

We need more movies like 2018.

First of all, pardon me for writing about Mollywood movie on this sub.



But after watching this movie, I seriously thought that there is so much for Bollywood to learn from this movie.

In an era where some directors are making propaganda movies, Jude Anthany Joseph has made a movie that celebrates human grit, courage, and kind nature.

2018 is a disaster movie at its finest, that shows humanity in all its glory.

Bollywood has attempted to make such a movie in the past, Kedarnath. It also has the same theme, of the devastation caused by flash floods. But the difference is how the story is told in both the movies. While one shows the pain of humans, and how they rallied themselves together to save lives of those in danger, the other movie instead focuses more on romance.

Kedarnath would’ve been a lot better movie had they cut some romance and instead showed how the people were affected by human tsunami. Efforts should’ve been made to connect audience to other characters too, and not just the lead pair. This has been a constant problem with Bollywood. While I appreciate Bollywood romantic movies, I also think that romance simply couldn’t be central theme of nearly every movie.



The problem with Kedarnath is we felt the pain of only SSR’s and Sara’s characters, and none of the audience could feel the pain caused by this flood on the pilgrims, and local shopkeepers. 2018 incorporated many places, while Kedarnath focused on only one town, while the devastation happened to a much larger area.

I’m not saying that romance should be avoided completely, but that Bollywood needs to find a balance between romance and other plots in such movies.

Another thing I want to say is that the audience of Bollywood and Mollywood is so different. It feels like there’s a very mature audience in Kerala, as opposed to Hindi belt, where Kedarnath was literally boycotted because of religious angle.

2018 is truly a masterpiece and I really appreciate the government to send this movie to the Oscars. It’s a worthy movie which not only shows Indian culture but also the harmony and brotherhood of Indians in the time of such crisis.

I hope Bollywood also makes such movies.

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