We pay almost half our salary in tax and what do we even get in return?

We pay almost half our salary in tax and what do we even get in return?

They take tax from salary , gst from everything we buy ,electronics are taxed so heavy and are costlier than other countries and everything else we pay tax and don’t even get me started on the fuel cost . What we get in return? Flooded roads , shitty roads, government officials who won’t do shit without bribe. Oh and the politicians get ultra rich . I don’t even know what else to do man .

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  1. I remember going to a holiday trip where this so called important politician visiting the city randomly blocking the main road and cops forcing us to take a extra 2 hour detour , they didn’t even let me eat something in the car while i stopped car for less than a minute, treating own citizens like cattles while taxing the shit out of us

  2. Me, being in the 30% tax bracket, and saving up for retirement since taxpayers in India don’t get any monetary support / pension from the government in their old age despite contributing tax to the economy for 30+ years:

    * Pay tax on your salary, which you then invest – Tax layer 1
    * Pay tax on the investment you have made (For eg. Mutual Funds GST, Gold GST, or Trading on the stock exchange) – Tax layer 2
    * Once you’ve reached your investment goal, Pay LTCG / Tax as per income bracket on profits that you’ve made (No indexation benefits either in case you’re investing in debt funds) – Tax layer 3
    * Pay GST (up to 28%) for goods you buy from the money that has already been taxed at 3 levels prior to your purchase – Tax layer 4

    Further, as per the “new tax regime”:

    * You can’t claim House Rental Allowance (HRA), which makes up somewhere up to 50% of your basic salary
    * ELSS funds don’t have ANY exemption under the new regime and this industry will essentially be killed
    * No deduction for medical insurance. Not only does the government not provide decent healthcare to taxpayers, but now they don’t even allow a tax deduction on a product you are compelled to purchase, and in fact, collect GST on your health insurance
    * Only NPS deductions available, which not only have a mandatory annuity purchase on minimum 40% of your invested money, but also has limited flexibility on where your money is allocated compared to ELSS
    * Ever decreasing EPF returns

    And after all of this, all governments, irrespective of political parties are pushing this propaganda of “freebies” during elections, somehow trying to push this agenda that we shouldn’t get anything in return for our contributions.

    Actually, you know what, I think I’m jumping the gun. India DOES have publicly funded world-class healthcare, pension that is inflation-corrected every few years and even accommodation. But surprisingly these facilities paid for by you and me are only available for the same set of people that guilt us whenever we ask for even half the level of service they receive.

  3. But Europe has such high taxation! /s

    Never got this argument. Indian citizens pay around 30% income tax and high gst for almost no govt support. It’s 45-50% in developed countries with universal health, pensions, free education until higher studies, unemployment benefits, child money, and way better infrastructure.

  4. People may hate Punjabis for shifting to Canada and other countries but this was the main reason. Govt does nothing for you even if you give your blood and sons

  5. The super rich don’t pay much taxes, the poor don’t pay much taxes, many businessmen don’t pay much taxes.

    Only the salaried middle class is fucked. The entire country’s taxes are squeezed from middle class people.

    With gst and income tax of 30%, we easily pay 45-40% in taxes.

  6. I’ve realized India is a country where the middle class can never enjoy their money on good things. Materialistic life is impossible. People don’t love cheap knock-offs, Chinese electronics, low-cost Marutis, etc. but are forced to buy them because quality stuff is exorbitantly taxed. That’s how it will always be, at least in our lifetime.

    If you want to enjoy a materialistic life with good things and services, and there’s nothing wrong with that, move abroad. If you want to enjoy a social life and can’t afford to miss your family and friends and your culture, you stay. That’s a sad trade-off, and it’ll always be that way, unfortunately😓

  7. Because we forgot to question our govts and now blindly vote.

    Earlier vegetables gas milk or fuel prices sudden rise would lead to protests. Now people tell you to use it less.

    Govts get away. They are service providers and we treat them as gods.

  8. Not to mention, the tax you pay for investing the money you saved with your post-tax income.

    The problem is that very few people pay taxes; many operate with just cash in the informal sector and do not report any tax. Street vendors earn more than early-stage IT professionals but never pays tax.

  9. During Covid people who were laid off got no govt support in spite of paying regular taxes, instead they had to pay income tax for the few months they were employed before losing their job.

  10. In India we actually pay 100% tax, hyperbole? I don’t think so, work it out, include direct and indirect, and the tax at each step in production or sale on anything, it’s crazy. The biggest scam in the universe. Pay tax to buy, and pay tax to earn, amazing logic. No wonder politics attracts parasites everytime.
    All we have is time, sweat and blood, and it’s stolen in advance at birth.

  11. isn’t it also because a lot of Indians don’t pay any tax? – corruption and lots of people are poor. e.g. black propoerty under the table payment for a lot of work – rent money collected as cash etc?

  12. So Morpheus finally gave you the red pill.. yeah buddy welcome to the real world. It sucks, and unlike Neo in the Matrix, you aren’t the chosen one and there’s no way to shut it down. Some people can’t take it here, for them a helpful option has been provided to go back into the matrix. Just turn on the TV at 7 PM and change the channel to Republic. You’ll be back inside within a day or two. As a side note, we did have an alternate program to escape called “H1” and “Schengen” but both of those have been heavily downgraded after the 2020 pandemic patch. Now we are back to the feudal era where we pay our life savings to the zamindars and hope that they don’t kick us out.

  13. Why not stop giving all the luxuries to all the politicians, military officials and actually invite those who want to truly serve the country? Because these people are already rich and in top 1% by milking the money from corruptions.

    But our tax regime choose to burden the hardworking middle class with more and more taxes every 5-6 months. Indians are all brainwashed in this ‘patriotism’ thing and then enslaved by the govt and the rich to work for them and their pockets. Taxpayers only got stupid violence, corruptions from the government. ‘For the people, by the people’ is a scam. I can’t believe how brainwashed we are since out childhood, to get trained to work for them our whole life like slaves.

  14. Problem ye hai ki log dange nahi machate na, zara dange machao pucho sarkar ko ki me ne jo tax me paisa diya hai uska hisaab kaha hai? Orange bikini ke time sacha desh bhakt jagta hai logo ka , lekin in sab chizzo ke liye nahi

  15. How will the politicians ride around in 20 cars, fly business class with family and foreign trips and do basically nothing other than bare minimum of development without using the excessive tax money?

  16. Well, most of these taxes go to freebie schemes – not useful schemes, mind – that the government employs to win elections for their parties. I pity those who side with political parties. How very unfortunate that they don’t understand all of them are scumbags.

  17. With 1.42 billion plus population and increasing, you can expect those facilities

    GDP per Capita needs to be increased and population control bill needs to be there, for every indivudual to have a good quality of life

    Otherwise we would always be a overpopulated nation fighting for Limited Resources

  18. The white collar people who pay 30% tax have no UNIONS(there is no unity in other words).
    Blue collar workers do have Unions and get their demands fulfilled by govt.
    Capitalism is at its peak.
    We do not get free education, no good healthcare, no good infra, no basic necessities like water(half of B’lore procures its own water through borewells(ground water)).

    And worst use of tax is giving free higher education to people who leave the country first.!!
    Certainly there is a need for revolution by tax paying class.

  19. It happens actually everywhere unless you live in some tax haven or middle east.

    Robert kiyosaki talks exactly about this.
    Hold assets, and live on loans.
    Loans are incomes which are tax free.
    Or become business as business pay much less tax.

  20. Let me see… in India about 5% of the population pay income tax. The salaried class. The rest of the folks do not pay any income tax. So, as an insignificant minority voting block, you can’t have a pull on politicians. So, the government workers don’t give it shit to your problems. Also, india government employment is created to control people by the British Raj. It is never used for public service. That mindset is still mentally strong with babu world. It’s still a majority mindset. The only way for the government to continue to provide freebies is to generate revenue through indirect taxes and unfortunately they don’t offer any discounts or tax deductions to those who already pay income taxes. If they do, then it incentivises everyone to get to participate in the income tax scheme. If maximum majorities do not play the game, then it becomes a spectator sport just like Indian salary taxes.

  21. Jab tak corruption rhega hum 100% bhi dene lge to kuch nhi hoga, sara psa kuch ek politicians and business corporates ke pass chala gya hai.
    Lokpal Lokpal ka hungama uthaya tha logo ne 10sal Pehle ab naam bhi nhi leta koi, uper se niche tak series me paisa khaya jata hai, har government scheme me kam bad me start hota hai psa Pehle devide ho jata hai sabka.

  22. I keep myself sane, by saying that a child somewhere in the country is getting an education, a meal and a uniform from the taxes I pay. And maybe someday that child will pull his or her family out of poverty to a better life. Sounds utopian, but i suppose we have to lie to ourselves at some point just to avoid despair.

  23. leave….i know its hard but do your utmost to leave, i too was like you 5 years back now am not… there is no hope, the current government is too far out of our reach, just leave …i did nothing but apply for jobs outside India day and night, got rejected over and over again but finally cracked one and now my families life is secure, try one of these…..







  24. Only 7% of the indians pay taxes.
    Most evade it.
    90 percent indians declare income below 4 LPA, so they don’t pay taxes.

    That’s why such matters only exist in reddit threads because our tax evasion is much worse than taxation system

  25. No sane hardworking person would choose to stay here if given an option to move abroad. I read somewhere like 6k millionaires leaving the country in a year.

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