Western companies that behave in the West become predators in India

Western companies that behave in the West become predators in India

This is not the only instance of this phenomenon, otherwise I wouldn’t be ranting about it.

For the last few days I’ve been getting messages on WhatsApp from Amazon. I never turned on any notifications by them for WhatsApp. I got extremely irritated and blocked the chat. Surprise. I place a new order and get a confirmation on WhatsApp in the _same chat_. It even showed the ‘you blocked this chat’ thing above their message. So, those business accounts are allowed to circumvent protective features. How nice, no? How convenient! It’s for our good!

If Amazon tried to pull something like this in anywhere in the West, they would get sued and there’d be outcry. But they have predatory practices here because Indians are lazy wimps who don’t care about right or wrong, just what’s comfortable and convenient. Just think how we got our independence, that generation would be ashamed of us.

On a side note, I am nauseous with apprehension and anger at what Facebook is turning WhatsApp into. Their new ‘channels’ features is the latest step forward on a way that ends at WhatsApp becoming a bloated, toxic cesspool like Facebook is.

I have no social media besides Reddit (sorry), but I need WhatsApp for communicating with friends. It’s futile to expect the freedom of choice from Facebook so I won’t even dream of being able to disable such ‘facilities’.

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  1. It’s also partly Indian employees with their chalta hai attitude implementing such things

    Western companies with negligible Indian employees and a product presence in India won’t see this.

  2. The ad campaign followed by companies in India is extremely annoying and should be criminal. The most criminal of all is the ad that is played after you make a voice call. You very rarely see these kind of advertisement campaigns on WhatsApp or any other communication platform in the west. The government needs to bring in proper laws to restrict this behaviour.

  3. On the contrary I feel like Amazon is a lot kinder and doting to Indian customers than western counterparts. Delivery costs are dirt cheap (last I checked in the US it costs ~$100 just for a membership that allows home deliveries of groceries). Returns are smooth, I just complained about a product not being sealed and they refunded immediately without even requiring me to return it.

    They’re still in their expansion phase in India, and probably losing money. If you don’t like it now, you’re gonna hate it even more once they get to the recuperation phase.

  4. A few years ago, I read somewhere that Samsung office in India had separate toilet for Koreans and Indians, regardless of the reason, this will be called discrimination in any western country.

  5. Yeah, and to top it all off, they sell really bad quality products in India when compared to the west. A friend got me a gift hamper from the UK. I really loved the body shower gel and when I bought the same brand from the local supermarket, it was just water…. Diluted beyond recognition.

    Same thing goes for other products..

  6. For every feature there are features where you can disable enable, just dig deeper into the app lol

    Besides every other company promotes like that doesn’t matter the west, East, North or South

  7. You don’t block business contact. The message itself asked if you would like to receive updates on WhatsApp. I said no. Haven’t received since.

    Your thought process is true but just not applicable here.

  8. All the MNCs adapt to the local market and organisatio culture differ a lot from country to country because of localised managemen. For instance if you look at Amazon’s return policies it way consumer friendly in American market than it is here in India.

  9. Spot on. Companies only follow what they do, because they are told to. I had this interesting convo with a friend from the US who was absolutely miffed that Apple was forced to use USB-C on their phones. His take on it was “it doesn’t foster innovation”. My retort was “USB-C has been around since early 2010s, I think Apple has had the time to innovate”.

    So yeah, companies only do the bare minimum, even here. Its just that the “bare minimum” is a bar that gives everyone equity and ease of access.

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  11. They wouldn’t do it in the west because it is illegal in the west. Sending unsolicited messages is not regulated in india.

    They are doing it here because they can. Blame the lawmakers, not the companies.

  12. Different rules for transactional and marketing messages. Whatsapp allows transactional messages to go through even if you unsub from marketing messages; just like email services do

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