What are some good ways to prepare for a possible UPSC appearance early?

What are some good ways to prepare for a possible UPSC appearance early?

Of the nearly 2 million members of r/india, I am sure that at least a few would have given UPSC or perhaps even cleared it. I am young, but have a great interest in history and wish to be in public service some day.

1. How do I prepare for the UPSC exam, if I do decide to give it in the future? \[Simpler tips appreciated\]
2. Can you take an exam to get into a specific service like the foreign service or is it a general exam based on which they assess you and identify a good department?

Any and all responses are appreciated

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  2. interview se pahle sort of choice filling hoti h about 24 civil services m choose krne hote h order m…google krke pta chal jayega

    preparation k liye r/upsc…bohot vague que h aise answer nhi hoga…pr fir bhi a word of caution, bina plan B k isme mat ghusna it is very unpredictable now….can really suck all life out of you

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