What are the causes for breathlessness during sleeping(urgent)?

What are the causes for breathlessness during sleeping(urgent)?

I went to Aiims Delhi emergency ward because I started feeling uncomfortable while breathing yesterday at 10pm. I went there and they did my x-ray ecg, blood pressure, Oxygen level. But everything came out normal and they discharged me today at 2am saying that it was just a panic attack.

When I reached home and tried to sleep, i couldn’t breathe in my sleep. When i am awake i can control my breath but when I am sleeping i couldn’t inhale air and woke up bilkul Jhatke se.

I googled it and internet suggested 3 things, either it’s sleep apnea or some kind of throat problem or nerve damage in brain…. i read in school that Breathing is involuntary action but it’s not in my case

Has this happened to any of you or you closed one’s because I really need some info on this.

If any doctor reading this, here’s my background: age=25, no smoke, no drink, no coffee, no tea, no past history of any severe disease. I don’t do any physical exercise because I am preparing for competitive exam.

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