What are your opinions about products from the electronic brand “boat”?

What are your opinions about products from the electronic brand “boat”?

I think they deliver good products. but have experience where they don’t last long enough just needed to ask about it. I think they should focus on built quality. What are your opinions and experiences?

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  1. They’re fucking awful. It’s literal Chinese stuff bought from Alibaba in bulk with their logo slapped on it. My Airdopes 141 didn’t even last an entire year and I only used them 3-4 hours a day. At least the cost reflects the quality.

  2. For everyone complaining about build quality, I have boat Bluetooth earphones from like 4 5 years back and the only thing that has gone bad is that I once stepped on it by mistake and the cover of place where buttons exist came off. Used feviquick and fine. Sound quality is good.

    But the problem is these earphones have been discontinued so might be that I got the one product that they tried making good which wasn’t making them money so had to discontinue.

  3. I have used their earpods 2 and half years without any issues, until I lost one.

    Now I am using their neckband for 1.5 years without a single issue.

    They’re cheap. They’re value for money, don’t expect boss like quality.

    All the rants about Chinese, ignore them. They’re a bunch of hypocrites who might be typing the comments in a Chinese phone itself.

  4. They have a 1 year warranty for all their products. Just go on their website and fill up a form and they will arrange for pick up of the defected item and deliver the replacement. One major reason why I’m tempted to buy their products.

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  6. Barring a few brands, most companies are incentivised to provide the cheapest and reasonably good solution that lasts just long enough for consumers to buy again soon enough. Build quality is a joke in today’s time. Unless boAt figures out how to make money from customers without selling more of their tangible products (like how Apple figured out their app ecosystem), they are going to produce the same or perhaps cheaper quality as long as we keep buying.

  7. I used a boat headphone from 2020 to 2022. It was very cheap, and it worked for 3 years. I now use another boat headphone and it’s working flawlessly after almost 1 year. I don’t know why people are complaining, maybe cuz of political reasons cuz “Chinese”.

    Here’s the thing with claiming that Chinese products are all cheap and bad. There are so many everyday products within their “non-Chinese” products that work flawlessly for a long time. They have such a large market that they have both terrible products and brilliant products.

    So don’t fall for that nonsense, look at honest reviews online with a good sample size, and buy accordingly. boat has worked fine for me.

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