What do you think about Rahul Gandhi now honestly?

What do you think about Rahul Gandhi now honestly?

Do you think his image of “Pappu” has changed after the yatra and interviews at biggest universities around the world. I didn’t see all of them but whatever little I saw his answers were anything but “Pappu” like and the answers were not generic but very informed and intellectual and he spoke with much ease and confident.

PS : I’m not a congress worker or anything, infact I used to hate how Rahul Gandhi is reason why we don’t have a strong opposition in our country.

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  1. I like his current messaging, much more positive and solution-oriented than the opponent. Whether he’ll follow through on his promises is to be seen if he gets elected.

  2. He should take up more responsible positions. He has not achieved anything remarkable as a politician. I don’t understand why he doesn’t stand for state elections.

    I root for sensible and learned leaders, but people at the moment are mesmerized by thugs. If he wants, he should set an example on the ground.

  3. In a functioning democracy, the citizens shall and must criticise the ruling government. It’s the right we have been bestowed upon by the founding fathers. We are not aware how lucky we are. In many countries it’s a dream for its citizens to openly criticize the ruling government.
    So if I criticise Modi, it doesn’t mean I am anti BJP. As Modi likes to take credit for anything seeming good as a clear blue sky. So why not blame him for the bad too.

  4. I’ve realised that a politician who is (likely) a gentleman and doesn’t pretend to know it all is quite refreshing. I noticed that he doesn’t mimic Modi’s style, and has something of his own which is what an alt should be presenting us. The rest of the politicians all want to be like Modi, and oppose him for the sake of it. No clarity of thoughts or ideology, just a hatred for BJP. Such opposition will weaken democracy.

    In fact, Modi was an effective opposition to UPA and that’s what made him stand apart. I think RG is doing the same right now.

  5. He’s a part of the opposition and not the most relevant person but still mKing good effort raising voices in right direction.

    We can name call anyone pappu, jhappu, gappu, feku, etc, and it’s just pure social media bullying. People should learn to ask questions from the ruling party if they want to live in prosperity.

  6. Absolutely nothing will change his perception till the time he actually does something the actually makes a difference.
    I really feel he should try to become a CM and show his leadership skills by making a difference in a state and then take it forward to PM ambitions. The time when you could become a PM because you’re a Gandhi is gone.

  7. He’s meeting up with common people connecting with them on the ground (which should’ve been done earlier ) whereas Modiji’s meeting up with influencers and asking people to subscribe to his yootobe channel ..he definitely has matured ,whilst the other fellaw has gone downhill ..

  8. Whatever he does or do, he is always mocked.

    Many times he has asked relevant questions but always joked around by the opposition and Godi media.

  9. He doesn’t have a track record so it’s difficult to judge how good of an administrator he can be. Unlike pretty much every former PM (except ironically, his own father), he has never held a major Ministry. He should probably try heading an agency or a state first before running for national elections.

  10. He lacks vision is what I feel about him. When Modi came to power he talked about an India that he wanted his followers already knew what he was going to do when he came to power things like for ex : Ram mandir, 370 etc. He talked about development and people bought into these dreams. Rahul keeps talking about how he will bring back secularism that India had prior Modi but people are not going to buy this, he needs to talk more about development and sell his dream of an India that people will respond to. Very few care about how Muslims are treated but LPG and petrol prices matter to them so talk about that but he rarely does

  11. Congress should stop forcing another nepo product down our throats. Leadership should be taken by another grassroot leader. The time they spent building Rahul Gandhi image would have been better used. He had chance to do something productive in two terms of UPA government but he absolutely did nothing.
    Honestly I don’t find him a credible enough leader to stand in front of BJP

  12. I didn’t like him back when Congress was in power. Mostly because he wasn’t a proven quantity and Congress had abundance of talent in their cabinet. But I started liking him towards 2019, most things he said made sense. My appreciation for him has grown ever since, happy to see his positive arc in poltics and I sincerely hope more a Indians see this.

  13. He’s ok. Still a poor politician, although he has learned a lot. Which is a good thing in itself, but only if there was real hard work behind it. There isn’t, he is just a soft spoiled boy.

    If his grandmother didn’t find a random guy with the Gandhi surname, I doubt he would still have a career…

  14. The whole “Khalistani” bs he tried to pull during Punjab election has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I do think the general perception of him has likely gone up.

  15. He has changed. It quite surprising to see how much he has improved. Had he behaved this way just 5 years ago, the effect would have been tremendous.

    The only gripe I have with him is that it took him all these decades to get to this stage he is now. He came from one of most influential family in Indian politics. He had the best of best willing to teach him and to learn from. Yet, it took him this long. If I can’t write UPSC after failing 3 times then I’ll hold Rahul Gandhi to same standards.

  16. Used to like him when I was in school because of his bachelor image, then I just ignored politics all through college and uni so I dunno what the fuck happened during that time, and now he is trying to set himself as an opposition candidate.

    I think he still has a few more years to go. Some more experience under his belt and he would be taken seriously as a strong candidate. He is taking good efforts to market himself but I think it would take some time to show some results a few years down the line.

  17. He seems like a very nice guy, a genuinely well mannered, decent guy. But he’s a moron, he doesn’t know anything about policy, people or governance.

  18. The problem is that he hasn’t upskilled fast enough.

    He has had 9 years to catch up to the BJP. 9 years of complete failure, with the Congress losing ground years after year, and no progress towards building an effective challenge to the government.

    That’s with the full strength of India’s oldest political party behind him.

    In industry, people who can’t beat the competition in 2-3 years get fired. In the Congress he has held on to his position for 9 years even as the party has lost ground.

    At the moment, he STILL doesn’t have a meaningful plan to turn the party around. Or seriously challenge the BJP.

    Even AAP is growing faster than Congress now,which should tell you how badly the party is doing.

    That falls on the leader.

    Sure, maybe he’s not ‘pappu’ as much as before, but he certainly hasn’t shown himself to be the equal of the current BJP leadership. Forget Modi, at this point he might not be able to beat Nirmala Sitharaman or Dr. Jaishankar in terms of perceived capability.

    If your opponent’s juniors are considered more capable than you, then you have a very serious problem.

  19. In congress, shashi tharoor has a bigger and wider personality than Rahul Gandhi i feel. Instead of Rahul if Congress shows Tharoor as it’s face definitely people can change the perception on congress

  20. I know he is being coached to sound more knowledgeable or understanding yet I can’t feel that inside he really understands the issues faced by our country in the first place and the issues common people go through everyday.

    We are a nation of 1.5 Billion and yet can’t seem to find someone better and more sensible than a wannabe dictator and a dumb rich prince . We are doomed for sure if these are the only two choices we will have in the future.

  21. Not sold on him. His whole schtick is “well I’m not modi” and it’s still weak.

    He’s gone through a pretty good makeover but his inherent pappuness is still there I think.

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